How to Include Pets in Your Wedding

If you own a pet, you probably treat them like family. What is the best way to honor them than to include them in the happiest day of your life? Even if some couples choose to take their pets along to weddings, others incorporate their pets in different ways. No matter what route you choose, you should know that there are many ways to honor your pet.

You are going to find inspiration from the wedding of real pet lovers. You should tell the party rentals about this plan so they will know what to expect. There are small trinkets to wedding décor, so there are many ways to personalize the event with the help of your dog, cat, fish, bird or other types of pets.

Confirm if the Venue Will Allow it

This is simple, but it is an important step that couples forget to do and you should add it to your to-do list for your weddings. You can imagine being on your wedding day, with your pet, and then finding out that animals are forbidden on the property. You do not want that to happen.

If the venue is more than happy to accommodate animals, you should make sure to have treats and a water bowl available and an easy exit if they start to bark.

Ask a Pets Sitter to Bring Your Pet to the Venue

If you are able to find a good pet sitter in your area or anyone who can travel with you, this is an excellent option for couples who always take their pets with them. Since the venue you chose allows pets, you can be sure that your pet is looked after, and they can take part on your wedding day.

Preparation is Important

Give your dog a lot of training before the ceremony. You must be well-inclined in giving commands like “come”, “sit”, “down”, and “stay.” You should tell them not to jump on people.

As a form of courtesy, you should let the guests know that your dog will attend or perform in the ceremony.

Find out if anyone who will indirectly interact with the pet is allergic. In addition, some party members in the wedding might get nervous around pets and they should be told in advance.

The Wedding Should be Cat-Friendly

The reality is that you probably should not plan about having your cat walk down the aisle because it is not practical.

First of all, you should have a few people watching the doors, especially if the doors open in the great outdoors.

Better yet, your cat should be placed in pet strollers or harnesses.

It is an excellent idea to have your cat taken home before the reception.

Prioritize Safety Over Style

There is nothing cuter than a pet in a tux or bow tie, but you need to make sure that it properly fits your pet ad they are comfortable with it so they can enjoy it. Keep your accessories simple to avoid pitfalls – a little bow tie or flower attached to their collar is a way to dress them up, and they look super cute. You should always double-check that their accessories are not a choking hazard to your pet and there are no poisonous flowers around.

Mention Your Pet in the Ceremony

This is the easiest way to pay tribute to your pet. You can either write a self-penned vow or a poem about them. You can also use a framed photo to reserve them a seat up front.

You should tell the wedding tent rental packages Damascus MD that you are going to include your pet in the wedding ceremony.