Tips on How to Create a Wedding Timeline

You need to make sure that on your wedding day, everything runs smoothly with this wedding day timeline, template, and expert advice that you can use to create a schedule.

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In terms of your wedding, timing is a priority. That is why a wedding day timeline is important and even just a couple of minutes late can ruin the whole day. Aside from choosing table and chair rentals, you need to mind the timeline of your wedding planning and everything else. Here are some tips you can follow:

Create a Wedding Email

You need to create an email account and this is going to help you put everything in one place.

In addition, manage the calendar for deadlines and bookings. When you are booking appointments on your email calendar, use your personal email so that you can see your personal calendar. If you have a separate work/personal and wedding email, it is going to make you more organized and focused.

Start from Scratch

Every wedding is not the same, and copying the wedding timeline template you saw on the internet word-for-word is most likely not going to work on your big day. You should start from there, and use the time of the ceremony as the starting point. You need to write down the list of events that should happen pre- and post-ceremony, and then figure out how long each one is going to take. After that, you can already start plotting the agenda of your wedding day accordingly.

Start Early

Your wedding is a long day, and you can start to get ready soon, especially if you want to take photos prior to the ceremony. If the ceremony starts at 4 pm, for instance, it is recommended that you start prepping at 9 am. It might seem insane to start early for a wedding in the evening, but realize that it takes 90 minutes for the hair and makeup to finish. If your bridesmaids get their hair and makeup professionally done, that adds more time to the equation. As well as a portrait session, which includes the portraits and family photos will likely take more than an hour. Yes, starting your wedding day early is a nice idea and you likely will not regret it.

Talk to a Professional Wedding Consultant

One easy way to start creating a wedding day timeline is to talk to a consultant.

If you do not plan to hire a wedding planner, talk to the consultant so they can help you organize your plans and thoughts.

This is going to help you have a generic idea of the flow, which is going to help you make a day out of the timeline. It will help you with the execution of moving forward.

You should to a pro so you can get a lot of things in perspective and gives you professional insights so you can move forward with the planning, which ensures you that the process is working.

Get Organized with the Suppliers

The purpose of the wedding day timeline is for you to talk to get organized with the vendors.

Keep in mind that when you are figuring out how to make the day – of the wedding timeline for you and the party; it also serves as a reference point for your wedding vendors/suppliers.

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