How to Include Your Step Children in the Wedding Ceremony

If you or your partner have kids from your previous relationship, it is important to make them feel included. The commitment you have as a new stepparent is huge. And your wedding is a great opportunity to show them that you have a dynamic family and that everyone matters. You should make them part of the decision, and make sure to form a strong bond with them.

You can make all the preparations, pay for the best wedding tent rentals, and hire the best coordinator, but all of that means nothing if someone in your wedding feels left out. Stepchildren should be incorporated and this will reflect your relationship with them as their new parent.

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In the Bridal Party

This idea is the most logical, and there are a couple of ways that you can do this. You can make them your bridesmaids, and groomsmen. You can also disregard gender roles and have any children be the attendants on the groom’s or bride’s side, whichever is making sense for your family is dynamic.

When you become part of opting for clothing, getting ready, and the ceremony is a huge involvement for any age. This inclusiveness means that the bridal party photoshoot is a family portrait session. Your family frames will always look so good.

Assign a Role to Them

One of the most classic ways to include your future children in the ceremony is by giving them a role in the ceremony. When they look back on the big day, they are going to love that they played an important role by scattering the aisle with flower petals and holding on to the rings to keep them safe. If they are older, they can stand by your side as part of the wedding party.

Ask them to be One of the Readers

It is an excellent idea for older children to read during the ceremonies, but some of them start young. The main thing here is confidence. If a child is willing, confident, and able, you should let them. Maybe the excellent idea is, if there is more than one child, they should do a reading together. They should be paired for moral support and some company.

You might even want to allow older children to opt for a reading themselves, which adds to their involvement and allows them to feel like they have a responsible role in the wedding ceremony.

Aisle Escort

A child who is over 8 years old can be reliable when it comes to performing a task whether they are male or female. An adult daughter or son also makes an ideal choice. You should be careful about not using the term “given away” in case it gets misconstrued. When you ask your son or daughter to do a special task of escorting you down the aisle would be honorable.

Make Them Part of a Symbolic Ritual

There are several symbolic rituals out there that become even more perfect when you include a young one, and this makes them feel very special. Even if it is something small, like handing over the wedding rings to start off the ring passing, it is a very lovely thing for a child to do this.

The candle ceremony, memory box ritual, hand-fasting ceremony, and wine ceremony are wedding rituals where you can include children or stepchildren. They are going to love you for making them feel relevant and important in the ceremony.

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