How to Make Your Wedding More Eco-Friendly

Your wedding should be the best day of your life, but with paper goods, leftover flowers in the garbage, and excess food, it can be wasteful. It does not mean you should skip the party or let go of the beautiful details, but if you are conscious about the environment, you need to consider a green wedding.

Wedding planning does not always have to be more difficult compared to planning an environmentally-friendly affair. It is possible to be environmentally friendly before your wedding day by buying a responsibly forced ring. When you choose wedding tent rental packages, make sure they are green and concerned about the environment. You can have a lot of fun at your wedding even if it is environmentally friendly.

Look for a Wedding Venue that is Sustainable

The location you desire might have an eco-friendly wedding venue, but you should uncover them. You can do a few roundups for the big cities, but if you want a smaller location, you are not up a creek without any paddle. All you have to do is look for places that only use sustainable resources and environmentally-friendly practices to make your business work. Things like solar panels, water-conserving plumbing fixtures, and energy-efficient appliances is going to ensure that you are not doing a lot of damage on your wedding day. Note that the majority of wedding venues advertise how committed they are to Mother Earth.

Use Estate Jewelry to Propose

You can approach finding a wedding ring with very little or no impact on the environment by choosing vintage jewelry. Instead of contacting your favorite jeweler, you must consider recycling or reusing a beautiful retro ring that is eco-friendly and unique and eco-friendly. Use a family heirloom, or go to an estate jewelry store for a nice piece. You can also have the gold refined after melting it – this is a real thing, and it is perfectly sustainable, or put set an old diamond into a new band.

Use Rentals Wisely

There are a lot of rental companies with beautiful pieces you can choose from. If you are going to purchase things for the wedding and then use them in your home after that, it would be better to rent than buy and throw them after. Most of the time, flower vases end up in the trash, so you should think of renting those. If possible, stay away from disposable dinnerware and choose rented tableware and various goods.

Wedding Invitations Should be Eco-friendly

Invitation suites are among the best details you can photograph, so it is understandable to not want to join this tradition. Even if some couples choose to be paperless and send invitations via e-mail, there are options for people who want a physical product.

Be Mindful When You Hire Vendors

You should look for planners who specialize in eco-friendly products. Find caterers and bakers that only use sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients and zero-waste production. Choose a kind of transportation that does not burn a lot of fuel, like a hybrid or electric car or vintage bicycle. Having wedding vendors that care about the environment ensures that every aspect of your day is green.

Go for Built-in Décor

Why do you have to bring in decorations if they are already in the venue? While you book your ceremony and reception site, find spaces that offer details to fit your wedding style. This is going to save cash for you and the earth’s resources. You can try botanical gardens, greenhouses, and more.

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