How to Remember Lost Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the most memorable, but that does not mean you should forget about your lost loved ones. Nothing can make up for their loss and the fact that they are not there on your special day, but you can make sure to honor them. There are many ways to commemorate loved ones who went ahead on your wedding day. You can wear an heirloom, serve food they love, and other ways.

When you pay for party tent rentals on your wedding day, you can incorporate the memory of a lost loved one by choosing something that reminds you of them. There are many ways to remember them on your wedding day. Read on to learn more.

Read a Poem to Remember Them

Poetry is helpful in putting your experiences and feelings into words that represent you. If you want to find the right words to capture the love of your father, warmth of your mother, or wisdom, read a memorial poem in your wedding reception. You can compose a poem, look for modern poetry, or even a classic piece.

Remember that this can get emotional. You can print it out, write It, or place it somewhere accessible so that you will always have the poem ready.


Jewelry has a lot of sentimental value and it is not surprising that jewelry is an ingrained way of expressing commitment and feelings to loved ones. When your big day comes, this could mean wearing a beloved necklace of your grandmother as a nice vintage piece, or you can even have a statement bracelet made. You can use a simple silver or gold chain threaded around a wedding band. When you incorporate the jewelry of loved ones, especially wedding bands, into the wedding ceremony, is an elegant way to acknowledge your connection with them even after they passed away.

Remembrance Candle

One subtle way to remember loved ones who have gone before you. If you are going to light a unity candle, you can spend time lighting a remembrance candle to burn through the entire ceremony to honor them.

Read a Letter to Your Loved One

If you want to become more personal, you can read the letter you wrote to your loved one or read something they wrote. A lot of parents would write notes for their children to read on the day of their wedding. Did your loved one write a letter or did you write one? You can read it on your wedding day to remember them by.

In case you do not have a note or letter from them, you should consider writing it. Explain what they meant to you and why you want them on your wedding day.

You can either read them aloud on your wedding day. If you want to keep it private, all you can do is read it while getting ready for your wedding.

Family Heirlooms

You can add a creative spin by using a family heirloom to remember them. For instance, you can use a beautiful vase that has been with the family for many generations as a wedding cake topper. However, even for those with families who do not have heirlooms around, the concept can be applied by using any of their possessions in your wedding. You can use it as a decoration or a centerpiece at the table where the bride and groom will sit. You can also tell a story about it while you make a toast.

You can tell the wedding tent rentals Damascus how you want to commemorate your loved one on your wedding day.