How to Set a Beautiful Buffet Table

When you are having an event, a buffet makes a lot of sense. It’s cheap, you don’t have to hire people to help with serving, and you give the guests the freedom to choose the type and amount of food they want. You should note that renting tables, napkins, flatware, dishes, serving, serving utensils, plates, and other event rentals isn’t enough—you need to properly set up the buffet table to make the event attractive and memorable. To help you out, here are tips on how to set a beautiful buffet table:

Set up the table at the right spot

Everything begins here. You might have the most attractive buffet table, but it will look out of place if you set it up at the wrong place. Place the table in an area that is easy to get to.  The area should also not interrupt the flow of the rest of the party. There should be enough room for everyone to walk down the buffet line without bumping into each other.

If placing the table indoors, ensure the room is at least ten square feet.

Use the right silverware.

These include plates, cups, utensils, containers, and tablecloths. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use fine china for your table to be appetizing. You can still use plastic silverware and still give your table an appealing look. You only need to ensure the plastics are new and clean.

For a great presentation, you will need plastic and metal containers. You will also need a tablecloth. The beauty is the tablecloth doesn’t have to be expensive. An ordinary cloth that fits your party theme is enough.

When placing the plates, place them at the start of the line. If having many people at the party, have two or three stacks of plates of about ten plates each. Avoid piling the plates too high as you risk them tipping over.

Once the plates are in place, finish the table with utensils and napkins. Don’t place the utensils and napkins at the front of the table, as this will make it too cumbersome for the guests to hold on to knives, spoons, forks, and linens along with plates.

Place the right number of food items on the table.

When it comes to placing the food items on the table, you need to be strategic in the number of items you place there. Don’t place too few items as you will leave some guests wanting more food. Placing too many items, on the other hand, gives your guests too many options that you slow down the line. You also are left with a lot of leftover food.

A good number to shoot for is 6-8 food items. The amount of food you serve depends on the number of people you are expecting to attend.

When placing the items, place them strategically. For example, put the cheapest and most available food at the beginning of the table and the most expensive and scarce food at the end of the table. You also should organize the food according to the temperature with the hot foods at the beginning of the line. This way, the guests get to these foods before they cool down.

Decorate the table

Once you have set up the table, now it’s time to decorate and amp up the table’s appeal. When choosing the decorations, don’t choose anything to get in the way or block the people. For example, stay away from candles and candlesticks. Great choices are small ribbons or bows around the table.

If you aren’t sure about the right decorations to use, get the input of experts working at the event rentals Northern VA.