How to Throw A Successful Outdoor Party

Attending a party can be a fun event, but planning one for your guests is another story. You can also have outdoor party rentals to help you out with the event.

Everyone can plan for an outdoor party, although you can hire a reliable event rentals company near you. Also, it’s nice to have an outdoor party sometimes instead of the usual indoor parties.

Whether you have it in your own backyard or any outdoor venue nearby, it is possible for a first-timer to plan an outdoor party. Here are some things you need to consider to make your outdoor planning a successful one.

What will be the event all about?

Is it for a wedding, graduation, birthday, or simply an event to bond with your friends and loved ones? For example, if are planning to hold a wedding reception outdoors, you may have to consider getting wedding tent rental packages. You may also have to get staging and dance floor rentals to set the party’s mood.

Who you are going to invite also depends on the type of party. Having a lot of guests can encourage camaraderie and life to the party. But be ready to prepare lots of food, refreshments, and other sources of entertainment so your guests won’t be bored.

The outdoor party should have some kind of activity to keep the event engaging and exciting. Having a theme can also help set the mood for the party. Prepare parlor games that kids and kids-at-heart will surely love.

What will I need and prepare for the event?

Planning an outdoor party can be challenging. But you can follow this checklist to help you keep stay on track:

  1. Make an invitation.

Sending out an invitation is somewhat a way to take your event seriously. It doesn’t matter whether you send it in a form of cards, via online, or even a text message. More importantly, you should receive a confirmation saying your invited guests will come to your event. This will also determine your official headcount where you will base your event plan.

  1. Create your menu.

You can choose whether to have party rentals or hire a food caterer, cook the meals yourself, or have a potluck. Make sure to offer an assortment of food options for everyone (ex. for vegan visitors, allergic to seafood, etc.). Also, have an option to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for everyone.

  1. Plan your seating.

If you plan to invite a lot of guests, you should consider table and chair rentals to accommodate all of them. Another option can be placing blankets for those who want to sit on the lawn/ground.

  1. Add decorations.

If the party will be held on an evening, you can put string lights as lighting and aesthetic appeal. Add tablecloths that will complement the outdoor party theme.

  1. Create your playlist.

Add music to the event depending on the party’s theme. This will help set the mood for everyone at the party.

  1. Plan the activities.

You can prepare parlor games for your guests to make it fun and enjoyable. On the other hand, some guests may prefer a quiet time instead of joining party games, so you also have to consider this.

What are the issues I need to address?

Among concerns you may need to address include the following:

  1. When and how long will the party be?

It depends on the occasion. For example, the party is intended to celebrate your birthday or the graduation of your child. Preferably, parties should be done on a weekend during lunch or dinner time. Furthermore, it is also ideal to have a party not longer than 5 hours, or your guests may already get bored during that time.

  1. Lighting and shade

If the party will be held during the day, make sure to provide shade against the heat of the sun. If the party will be during night time, add lighting bright enough for your guests to see and move around the event area.

  1. Neighbors

Outdoor parties can be noisy especially among neighbors. One option is to move indoors later on during the party. Or you can invite them over to the party as well!

  1. Dealing with creepy-crawlies

To minimize the presence of mosquitoes and other bugs nearby, make sure to remove any standing water within the event area. Provide bug spray, citronella candles, or any insect repellant for your guests. Put lids on your food containers to keep insects away.

  1. Trash disposal

Place at least one trash bin within the area especially if you are using paper and plastic utensils. Make sure to check it from time to time to prevent overflowing.

Finding an events company near you

Preparing the event area is also important. Also, it is important to consider the overall safety of your guests so make sure to have a first-aid kit designated somewhere in the area. For everything else, you can have event rentals in Northern VA to ensure the success of your outdoor event.