Party Rentals: Tips On How To Have A Great House Party

If you are throwing a house warming party you have to do the party in the house. If you are having many friends than the house can handle you can rent a party tent and place it outside. Despite this, you will still have some guests in the house. To entertain your guests, here are tips that you should follow.

Have a wine bar in the kitchen

Regardless of how hard you try, you won’t prevent guests from going into the kitchen. Since this is the time that you will be doing last minute cooking, you need to create basic attractions that won’t keep the guests there.

You should place a few wine bottles and glasses in the kitchen. It’s also wise that you have simple snacks such as breadsticks. If you don’t have enough glasses for the guests, consider renting from glass and stemware rentals in your area.

Place food in the living room

Chances are that your dining room is too small for all your guests. To keep the guests in one place, place food in the living room. To avoid giving the party a bad look, keep the food hot using service and chafing dishes that you can easily get from your rental company.

Have a dance floor

To keep the guests entertained, provide some music and a dance floor to dance on. To protect your house floor, rent staging and dance floor materials from a party rental company. Best materials to use include: bamboo, vinyl and plastic.

Consider the décor

To prevent the party from having a plain look you need to decorate it. There are many event décor ideas that you can go with. Since you are having the party in the house you don’t have to go overboard with the decorations.

One of the best house decorations to use is balloons. For an interesting look, use balloons of different shapes and colors. If you can afford it, install lights of different colors to give your house a great, unique look.

Tips to consider when throwing a house party

Noise is usually the big concern when throwing a house party. To be in good terms with your neighbors, let them know of your party beforehand. If you are close to them, invite them to the party.

Have enough party supplies. These include: plates, cups, serving dishes and china. If you don’t have enough in the house, hire them from the local party rentals.