Ideas for table decorations

At all types of large gatherings, table decorations serve various purposes. A beautifully designed table centerpiece helps to enhance the theme of the entire event and better communication among guests. The table linens and venue arrangements creates a perfect backdrop and give a unified look to suit the theme. The use of floral centerpieces to unique table decorations incorporates interactive elements, perfect choice of table décor and contributes to the event theme. Decorating a long table with centerpieces sometimes brings obstacles and make sure to explore event decor ideas. A large centerpiece will not have a same visual impact on a long table as it will on the center of a smaller round tables. The decorations help to focus on creating a dramatic statement with the help of a texture and color and accent it with small centerpieces to create an elegant look with practical benefits.

Icebreaker Centerpieces

There are several interactive table decorations that make people communicate with each other. The centerpiece acts as a big bowl of plastic blocks. Make the guests follow directions to assemble a model of the event sponsor’s logo and this encourage participants are encouraged for fun building activities. This encourages co-operation at a corporate event with variation on the centerpiece. Use bowls of interlocking blocks or other toys and party rentals to motivate guests on the table and make them creative.

Edible Centerpieces

Edible centerpieces are a popular choice among people. They’re colorful and help to stay within a budget. Such types of decorations takes the place of dessert or appetizers. One of the popular alternatives for edible centerpieces can be a flower basket made with fruit and other variations. Choose from range of party supplies to as a sense of elegance can be invoked with perfect strawberries arrangement near a small chocolate fountain used for dipping. Remember that there’s no rule that you can display only one centerpiece the event.

Linens and Decor

The centerpiece acts as crowning touch on round tables. While choosing linens for your table, think beyond linen and décor for weddings. Try to decrease the boxy image of rectangular tables by using ribbons on every table. Rather than using a single centerpiece on a long table, use runners and small centerpieces. The use of criss-cross ribbons across a round table and its division into pie slices with scattered rose petals over the table gives an awesome look.