It’s The Halloween Season Already! Why Not Plan an Online Halloween Event?

It’s the Halloween season, but this year is surely a bummer especially for young children. For one thing, Halloween is one of the most looked-forward-to, next to Christmas. Kids and even adults get to be creative with their scariest (yet most charming) Halloween costumes and go Trick or Treating. Event organizers can even make the most of the season and rent outdoor party rentals suppliers for a major Halloween event.

Except that major Halloween events (and other major events for that matter) we got used to won’t be possible in the meantime, no thanks to the ongoing pandemic. But don’t be dismayed that easily! Halloween will still be here to stay, albeit we have to do some adjusting to make the event work.

Plan for this year’s Halloween

Hiring staging and dance floor rentals, event rentals, and outdoor party rentals may not be possible in the meantime. But as mentioned, Halloween is here to stay despite the current situation. Yes, Halloween is not canceled this year – it will only become a virtual celebration. And yes, it is possible to celebrate a virtual Halloween. There is no need for expensive equipment and gadgets to hold a successful virtual Halloween event.

But since it is going to be a virtual event, make sure to have a strong and reliable Internet connection. Check if your microphone is working perfectly. If you are not that techy, you can ask friends, experts, in that field, or hire virtual event agencies if it is a major event for a brand and the like.

You can also do a lot for your virtual Halloween celebration and make it fun and engaging. Perhaps try including add-ons to the entrance or registration fee (if applicable) such as candies and other merchandise. Decide which platform you will choose to hold the Halloween event. Speaking of which…

Consider the platform and attendees

Choosing the right platform depends on your target audience. If most of your audience is on Facebook, you can try Facebook Live. Zoom is also a great platform if you are conducting a webinar and a happy hour. You can also use Vimeo for live streaming. For other video hosting platforms, you can check this one.

The pandemic can be isolating since travel and even the usual events we get to attend before aren’t possible for now. But as mentioned, celebrating Halloween is still possible despite the ongoing pandemic. When planning for a virtual Halloween event, make sure to consider what your target attendees want and expect in this kind of event. That way, you can be able to tweak things for a better virtual event experience.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback from your attendees post-event. After the virtual Halloween event, you can send a short survey and have it answered by the attendees. These can help in future virtual events.

Ensure everyone’s safety

While it is a virtual event, safety should still be a priority. Zoom has a password setup which only invited attendees can access. Make sure to set safety guidelines both for organizers and attendees and ensure order during the virtual event.

Don’t forget to promote your event! There are a lot of ways you can do to promote your upcoming Halloween event. Come up with email blasts or connect with your social media followers (if you are a business owner and have several followers) to spread the word.

More importantly, your virtual Halloween event should be for all. It should not be for all ages – for kids and adults alike. Encourage everyone within your circle to join this rather refreshing take on the new normal Halloween celebration.

Have fun!

Despite what is happening these days, there are still ways to pull off special events we have gotten used to such as celebrating Halloween. Feel free to unleash your creativity by designing Halloween-themed invites and wear costumes for a prize.

Don’t forget to add a Halloween vibe to your online Halloween event by setting up a spooky background. Why not add a “spooky” themed playlist, too? Throw in some Thriller there and more, and you’re good to go!

Share spooky stories, organize tarot card reading or any activity related to the occasion. Host a virtual murder mystery night with the other participants, or watch Halloween movies together with friends and other participants. You can hire party rentals or party tent rentals suppliers if you want, depending on your event plan. For your event needs (when hopefully turns out already fine soon), make sure to contact reliable event rentals in Maryland.