Key Wedding Rentals that You Need for Your Wedding

The wedding rentals you choose play a key role in the success of your wedding. Once you have decided on the venue of your big day its important that you begin securing the event rentals you need for your wedding. Depending on the venue you choose, it’s important to ensure that you have all the items you need to ensure your wedding event is memorable. This article tells you the rentals you require for your wedding.

Key Wedding Rentals that You Will Need

Below are items that you will need for a wedding

  • Tables

Guest tables are either round, square, long family style or a mix of tables in term of sizes and shapes. You will also need to buffet tables for cakes, wedding gifts, guest and bridal parties. If you have a layout for your wedding event carry it to the event company and they will advise you on the best tables for your event. It’s also important to consider the number of people you expect in your event. Roundtables will accommodate more people than square tables.

  • Chairs

Your guest will spend most of their time seated and it’s important to ensure that the chairs are comfortable. You will need high chairs for the adults and small chairs for the young ones. You will also need seats for the band. Make sure the seats you get are comfortable enough for your guest. Don’t forget to get a comfortable seat for yourself and your bridal team.

  • Linen

Don’t forget to get guest tablecloths, runners and napkins for the cocktail party and reception. You will also need linen for the cake, gift table, and photo tables. Depending on the kind of seats you have chosen, you may also need to get linen for the chairs. Secure the linen with pins to avoid flying away and if you are using wooden tables, make sure you get table pads. Table pads will protect your wooden table from stains.

  • Dishes

Make sure you get serving plates and chargers that will be used for serving at the reception. Don’t forget to get appetizer plates for cocktail hour and unbreakable plates for small children. Ensure the dishes you get are enough for your guest.

  • Stem and Glass water

You will need glasses to serve the champagne, and bar glasses for beer. You should not forget martin glasses for serving and for the cocktails. Make sure you get proper ware to serve the children deserts.

  • Flatware

It’s important to work with a wedding rental company that will provide you with cocktail hour party utensils, knives, and forks. You will need serving bowls and platters. Make sure that you get utensils that are enough for your guest.

  • Lounge Furniture

You need to have a comfortable lounge where your guest can rest. Let the lounge feel homely by having a couch, an armchair, and a table. Before you order the wedding rentals make sure you know the size of the lounge to avoid having furniture that doesn’t fit.

  • Lighting

You will need lighting for the cocktail party, the ceremony area and the reception. Confirm whether there is a generator in case of blackouts.

  • Heating and cooling

You may need a portable fan or gas heating for your event, depending on the weather. if you expect your event to run till late hours its best to provide heating to ensure that the guest is comfortable

  • Staging and Dance floor Rentals

Determine the size of the dance floor and choose the one that will be enough for your guest.

  • Wedding Tent Rentals

You will outdoor tent rentals if you are having an outdoor event. Make sure that the wedding tent rentals you choose will accommodate all your guests, the music band, the caterers and all the vendors in your event. It’s important that the tent rentals company evaluates the venue and advises on the best tent for the venue.

  • Portable restrooms

If the venue of your event doesn’t have restrooms make sure you get portable restrooms. Make sure you get enough so that your guest don’t spend most of their time queuing in the restrooms.

  • Floral Items

Floral accouterments will make your venue look amazing. Make sure the floral items you get complement your wedding theme.

Work with wedding tent rentals Rockville companies that have a variety of wedding rentals. That will make your work easier and save on cost.