Kitchen Rentals: 4 Catering Equipment You Need For Your Next Party

kitchen rentals

As we have said on previous posts on this blog, food is an important part of any event. For you to properly serve food you need to have the right catering party supplies. The supplies that you need include:

Party refrigerator

Party refrigerators are effective when you are throwing a home party. Just like in your home, refrigerators play a vital role of keeping drinks cold. If you don’t have a refrigerator that is large enough in your house you should consider renting one from a party rental in your area. There are four types of refrigerators that you can go for: Freezers, display cases, standard refrigerator and walk in refrigerator. Each type has its peaks and lows. You should research and find the right one for your needs.

Glass and stemware rentals

Drinks are part of food. If you will be serving wine, you need to have the necessary wine glasses. If throwing a corporate or any other elegant party you need to use the right glasses. Studies show that most people use the wrong glasses which gives the party a bad look. If you will be serving red wine, ensure that you serve it using red wine glasses. The same thing applies when serving white wine—use white wine glasses. When renting, rent them from reputable glass and stemware rentals. Also ensure that the units match the party theme.

Rental cooking devices

For you to have food you need to cook it. If you don’t have the right devices to prepare the foods you need to rent them. Some of the rental devices that you should consider renting include: Cookers and microwaves. If planning of preparing unique foods, go for griddles and Panini grills. Regardless of the devices that you are planning of renting, ensure that they are of high quality and match the theme of your party.

Rental sneeze guards

Although, you will find them in few parties, it’s wise that you include them in your party. Sneeze guards are units that protect your food from viruses and bacteria that spread when a guest coughs or sneezes. They are designed to be installed on buffet tables where they come in different sizes and angles. Just like when renting any other units, ensure that they are of high quality.


These are some of the catering supplies that you need in your party. For them to give you the service that you deserve, rent them from reputable kitchen rentals.