Kitchen Rentals: Tips On How To Pull Off A Great Buffet Service

A buffet is the ultimate food service option in an event, be it corporate, wedding or a kid’s party. A buffet service is a good option when you are hosting a huge crowd. If you don’t have cooking and serving pieces you don’t have to worry as you can easily rent from your local kitchen rentals: To pull off a great buffet service, here are the tips that you should consider:

Be cautious of the arrangement of the party serving tables

The arrangement of the serving tables is determined by the nature of the room that you are serving the food. In a party, people move in packs as they are often involved in discussions. For this reason, most professional event organizers recommend that the serving tables be placed in the middle of the room. This is to allow the guest to use both sides of the table. The lines move quickly, and people continue with their conversations. To make the flow more efficient, have different serving areas.

Watch how you arrange the kitchen rental utensils

Another important factor to consider is the arrangement of utensils. Most people make the mistake of placing all the utensils at the beginning of the serving table. You will give your guests a hard time carrying the cutlery while they are not sure they will even need them. Cutlery, which includes knives, spoons, and forks, should be at the rear end of the table, this way your guests will simply pick what they need and carry it comfortably on the plate.

Properly arrange the buffet food

The best way of arranging the food is putting the foods that are plentiful at the beginning of the line and the foods that are in small amounts at the end. Even after arranging the food, keep a close eye on it and make appropriate adjustments that keep the buffet line flowing freely.  Another suitable arrangement is putting cold foods at the beginning and hot foods, usually main courses, at the end.

Have separate party tables for beverages

For the sanity of the party, never put drinks and food on the same table. Placing the two together increases wastage as the guests spill the food or drinks as they try balancing them to the sitting area. Also, putting drinks and food on the same round tables slows down the lines.