Linen And Décor For Weddings: 4 Great Wedding Themes For 2016

wedding themes

Everyone doing a wedding is always looking for ways to make it unique. If you are planning of having a wedding, one of the best ways of having a unique event is to have a unique theme. The cool thing is that there are many themes that you can go for. Here are a four of the trending themes:


No one hates looking elegant and if you want to give your wedding an elegant appeal there are many options that you can go with. One of the things that you should pay close attention to is the colour that you use for the event. Three of the most popular colours that you can go for are: ivory, nude and white. You should have these colours in your dress and wedding decor.


Flowers are of great importance in a Bohemian wedding theme. You should include flowers in the cake, outfits and even in the rental chairs and tables. The cool thing with this theme is that you don’t have to wear an official outfit.  You also shouldn’t make the event official. The best way of going about it is ensuring that the day is relaxed and informal.

You can have the wedding anywhere. Experts recommend that you should have Bohemian weddings outdoors as there are plenty of posies there. If the weather isn’t good you can have the event in a church or rent a wedding tent.


If you want to have a vintage wedding there are many options that you can go. When making the selection you should note that the theme depends on a specific era. For ideal results you should get as much ideas from an era as much as possible. The best way of going about it is getting ideas from a novel or popular movie.

Many people tend to rent the party items such as party tents, chairs and tables. It’s good to note that few party rental companies specialize with vintage rental items; therefore, you should take your time to research and settle on the best company to go with.


A whimsical style wedding is great to have; however, you need to pay close attention to the small little details. You should note that the details are the ones that make or break the theme. To pull together a perfect theme you should consider working with an event organiser.