Linen And Décor For Weddings: Best Linen For Your Wedding

Linen and décor for weddings

Choosing the right person to marry may be the most important choice of your life, but choosing the right wedding linen comes at a close second. The right wedding linen would offset your décor beautifully and earn you a lot of compliments. But how to pick the right one? Fortunately, we know some beautiful fabrics that you can use to give your wedding that extra flair. All you need to do is head to your local party rentals and rent the units that will look good on your event.

Best linen for your wedding

Satin: If your wedding is an indoor affair with lots of soft, romantic lighting, satin is the best option. Satin is made either from silk or polyester materials, is glossy and reflects light. It also looks good when paired with polyester overlays.

Taffeta: Taffeta resembles satin. It is a twisted woven fabric usually made from silk or rayon. However, unlike satin, it appears a little more firm. Taffeta is commonly used in wedding gowns as well.

Polyester: One of the most commonly used linen fabrics, polyester is very durable and stain resistant. If you’re planning an outdoor event, with the risk of little accidents polyester may be the wiser option. To accentuate the look, you should consider complementing it with satin or damask.

Damask: Damask is a reversible figured fabric usually made from silk, cotton, wool or synthetic fibers. It often has a pattern embossed into it. The pattern is usually etched into the fabric using a satin weave. The material has a shimmery appearance similar to that found in satin.

Organza: Famous for its delicate, gossamer-like appearance, organza is a semi-transparent fabric made of a single weave. It is usually made of polyester and used as an overlay with other linens, because of its translucence. If you’re looking for some color, without the gaudiness, using colored organza fabric over white linen could be an excellent choice.


These are some of the linens that you can go for. As you have seen, different linens are ideal for different occasions. When making your choice, you should pay close attention to the theme of the wedding. If having a formal wedding, you should avoid cheap materials as they will give your event a cheap look. To increase your chances of renting a high-quality unit, you should work with reputable wedding party supplies companies.