Taking A Look At The Must Have Wedding Party Supplies

wedding party supplies

When you are putting together a wedding party, there are a number of wedding party supplies you should have. Some of these supplies include:

Wedding tables

If having a formal party you should have tables for guests and others where you place gifts, family photos, and even the guest book. When it comes to guest tables, there are round, rectangular, and square tables that you can go for. You only need to choose the right one for your application. For the gift tables, there are buffet and sweetheart tables that you can rent. For a formal party you should stick with one size and shape of tables but if you want a party with an interesting look, you should mix the different shapes and sizes. You can also mix the tables made from different materials.

Wedding chairs

You need wedding chairs during the ceremony, cocktail party, and reception. The cool thing is that there are many types of chairs that you can go for. There are chiavari, vintage, acrylic, and even simple wedding chairs. You only need to choose the right one for your needs and application. When renting the units from your party rentals, you shouldn’t forget the booster seats for the littlest guests. Also, remember to rent decorative party chairs for you and your partner.


You need linens on tables, chairs, cake, and any other supplies that you may want to cover up. Some of the linens that you need include: tablecloths, napkins, table runners, and many others. The linens that you should go for depends on the type of party that you are having. If having a formal party, you should go with luxury materials but if having a normal party, you shouldn’t pay a lot of attention to the quality.

Just like the other party supplies, you can find the napkins in your local party rentals. When renting the units, don’t forget to rent napkin rings and hidden clips that come in handy in preventing table linens from whipping around when there is a breeze.

Stem and glassware

You need a wide range of glasses such as red and wine glasses, soft drink glasses, water glasses, and beer mugs. To rent the units you need to visit your local stem and glassware rentals. When renting the units don’t forget to rent martini glasses to serve desserts. If having a formal party, remember to rent the right glassware for your signature cocktails.