Must-Have Rentals for Your Office Holiday Party

Most companies have an office party at some point during the year. If you are the one organizing the office party, we give you ideas on party rentals that will ensure you have an enjoyable end of the year party. You need to ensure that your colleagues are comfortable, and they enjoy the party.

Must-Have Party Rentals for the Office Holiday Party

  • Tent Rentals

If you are holding an outdoor party, you will need  tent rentals where your colleagues can rest. Make sure you get the number of people who are available for the party and choose the tent rentals that will bring out the theme of the party. The corporate tent rentals should be big enough to accommodate all the people comfortably especially if the event will run into the night.

  • Table and Chairs

You will need comfortable seats and chairs for your colleagues to sit when dining and resting. To make your party more stylish have a mix of chairs. Have different kinds of seats that people can sit on. You can have lounge seats where people can relax during the day and other seats that are suitable for while dining. You can have a different tent rental each with a different type of chairs. Add table linens with a color synonym to the companies colors.

  • Stage and Dance floor rentals

If the corporate party will run into the night you will probably need stage and dance floor rentals. Have an area set out specifically for the stage and dance floor. You need to consider the people that don’t wish to dance and set an area near the dance floor where they can sit. Setting a specific area for dancing will ensure there are no food spills on the dance floor that may cause accidents.

  • Serving Dishes

If your venue is out of town or in a place where there are no restaurants you need to consider where the food will come from. You may need to rent serving dishes to serve the foods. the dishes will also help you have food at a different location in the event. serving dishes will ensure that people are not confined to one eating area. Make sure that you get an appropriate plate for the kind of party you are holding. Ensure that you have enough dishes and plates for everyone at the party. You need to get the right glasses for the evening party.

  • Games

You need to ensure that the party rocks and one way are to have a variety of games. Games are the perfect way to break the ice and to begin the fun. Consider having a variety of games that are suitable for everyone. Games will help people who are not social fit in the crowd and enjoy the party. Work with an outdoor party rental company that has a variety of games to help create a relaxed and memorable end of the year party. To make it more fun you can have the staff dress in fancy clothes for the office party.

  • Linens

To cover your tables and prevent them from being messy invest in linens. The color of the linens can match those of the company. Linen will add style to your event

  • Lightning

If the office party will run into the night you need to consider getting lighting. Good lighting will change the mood for the party. Buying lighting can be expensive and it’s, therefore, better to rent out from the outdoor party rentals company. You can get different lighting for the different sections to bring out style and give the evening the oomph. Ensure the way the pathway to the various sections is well lit.

Tips for a Successful Office Party

  • Establish the amount the company want to spend on the party
  • Get a guest list and venue where the guest will fit comfortably
  • Book the event rentals for the party in advance
  • Have a theme and communicate to the staff before the party day
  • Have enough games and activities for everyone

To make the office party successful make sure you begin planning early enough. The party tents rentals you choose should accommodate all the expected guest and vendors. Work with event rentals company that has most of the items you are looking for because that will organize the party a little less hectic