Party Rentals: Mistakes To Avoid When Throwing Parties

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If you are planning any event you need to avoid making these mistakes for your event to be a success:

Underestimating the party guests

I’m sure you have attended a party and found that everything from the party tents to the food is insufficient. This is usually as a result of the party planner underestimating the number of guests that will attend the event. To be on the safe side, always place your estimates on the upper side. This way you will always have more than you need and this will give a good impression about you and your event.

Planning the party in a hurry

It’s human nature to run when it gets dark and this often results to problems. When you plan your party in a hurry you tend to make many mistakes such as renting the wrong party supplies, hiring the wrong people to help you with the planning and many other problems. To be on the safe side and avoid making mistakes, you should start planning your event 3 months before the event date. When you start early you have enough time to visit different party rentals and compare the prices of the items that you are interested in. If you will be having the event out of your home you will have enough time to visit the different venues and prepare them for the big day.

Hiring the wrong event managers

If you are busy or you are organizing a large party such as corporate party, you should hire an event manager to help you with the planning. It’s the role of the event manager to know where to get party chairs, tables, venue, and any other items that you might need during the big day. While there are some event managers that are professional and know what they should do, there are a few that don’t know their roles. In addition to bothering you with questions, they also do all the wrong things such a renting the wrong party venue and hiring the wrong party rental company. In addition to this giving your party the bad look, it also results to you making huge loses.

To avoid hiring the wrong event manager take your time to research the manager and only hire the most experienced and reputable.


These are the mistakes that you should avoid making when throwing a party. Avoid the mistakes and you will not only have a great party, but also save plenty of money.