Party Rentals: Understanding Party Supplies And Their Costs

party supplies

When you are planning a party you don’t have to buy the party supplies—you can simply rent them from a party rental company. The different items come at different prices. This article will shed a light on the main party items that you need for your coming party and the prices that you need to pay for each item.


This is a must have when you are having an outdoor event. Party rental companies have different types of tents that you can rent. The most common ones are:

Clear span tent: it’s characterized by a basic rectangular shape and a sloped roof. The tent doesn’t have ropes or interior poles. Due to this, you can install it almost anywhere. If you are planning of renting this tent you should be ready to part with up to – $3200.

Pole tent: it’s much cheaper than a clear span tent thus ideal when you are operating on a tight budget. It’s characterized by romantic swoops and peaks located both inside and outside the tent. Unlike the clear span tent, this tent requires a lot of space for installation. Renting this tent will set you back – $2000.


This is the center of attention. Most party rental companies will charge you up to – $2.75 per square foot. If you want steps going to the stage, you will have to part with an extra – $75.


If your floor is uneven or soggy, it’s wise that you install flooring material. This is to ensure that the guests are as comfortable as possible. Many rental companies will charge you – $1.50 per square foot.

Tables and chairs

The number of chairs and tables that you should rent depends on the number of guests that will be attending the party. Different rental companies charge different prices for their party chairs and tables. You should note that the prices vary depending on the type of table that you are interested in.

Lighting and power

Lighting is not only ideal to light up the event venue, it’s also important in decorating the venue. There are many lighting materials that you need. The most common ones are: chandelier, pole and string lights. The different materials come at different prices. Different companies also charge different prices.


The cool thing with renting the party supplies is that you save a lot of money compared to when you’d have bought new items. When renting the supplies you should be cautious and ensure that you are working with a reputable party rental that deals with high quality rental products.