Party Supplies: Guide To Renting Party Tables

Party supplies

When planning a party, party tables are of great importance. In addition to serving as areas to place the party centerpieces, drinks, and food, they also serve as important party decorations.  The cool thing is that you don’t have to buy the tables when throwing a party as you can easily rent them from party rentals. For you to rent the right tables you need to consider a number of factors:

Vital considerations when renting party tables

Cost: You should get a quality table without overstretching your budget. Different rental companies rent their products at different prices. To save on the price you should start your research early enough. Experts recommend that you start your research at least 3 months before the big day. This way you will have enough time to find a reputable party rental company renting its products at a low price. Another way of cutting on the cost is to have your party during the offseason. Most parties take place during summer. Due to the high demand for the party supplies, most companies mark up their prices. To save on the money you should have your party during winter when the supplies are going at low prices.

Party attendants: The nature of the party attendants will determine the number and type of tables that you should get. If there will be children jumping up and about, you shouldn’t go for a classic table that is breakable. In such a scenario, you should go for a strong table preferably made from metal or any other tough material.

Color and design: Table rentals stock tables of all shapes, sizes, and colors. When renting, you should choose a table that matches the event venue and other supplies such and party tents, chairs etc. If there isn’t a color that exactly matches your party venue, you should go for tables with a neutral color. When it comes to the design of the party table, you should go for a table that matches the theme of the party. If having a beach theme, go for a wooden table with a coastal design.


Having a grand party requires prior planning and preparation. For a great experience consider the cost, quality of the tables and the nature of the people attending the party. The rental company that you work with should be reputable, experienced and offer a great service.