Party Supplies: Tableware That You Need For Your Party

When having a party, you need to have the necessary tableware. If having a large event, you should rent the supplies from your local party supplies companies.

For you to rent the right supplies, you should think about the type of party that you will be having. If having a simple party, you don’t need a lot of supplies but if having a large one, you need plenty of them.

Some of the tableware supplies that you need include:

Main course supplies

These will depend on the number of courses that you will be serving. You should have enough plates for the entrée course, main course, salads, and dessert. If you serve soup, you should have soup bowls. If the party is highly formal, you should have forks for the entrée course, salad, and main course.

When you have fish in your menu, you should have a fish fork. Other things you should have are knives for the main course, spoons for the soup, and teaspoons for dessert and serving coffee.

Party glasses

The other units you need for your party are party glasses. You need two types of glasses: water and wine. You don’t need to have a wide range of wine glasses if the party isn’t too formal, but if it is, go ahead and have a number of glasses.

If you will prepare other drinks such as vodka, whiskey, cocktails, and cognac, you should have additional glasses. It’s common for some parties to serve coffee and tea. If this is the case with yours, you should have coffee and tea cups in place.

Food serving tableware

The other supplies you need are food serving tableware. You need bowls, salads, sauceboats, serving platters, and big knives. For you to create a great impression, you should ensure that all the items are from the same set.

If having a lot of guests, you should consider combining sets that look good together.

Napkins and tablecloths

You need napkins and tablecloths if you want your table arrangement to be flawless. For a great look, ensure that the napkins and tablecloths match the platters and plates. The best way of ensuring that this happens is to get all of the supplies from the same party rental company.


These are some of the tableware items that you need for your party. As mentioned above, you should get the supplies from the same party rentals to create a flawless look.