Party Tents And How To Decorate Your Tent According To Your Theme

To give your party a perfect look, you need to rent the right party tents and decorate them appropriately. To help you out, here are tips on how to decorate the tents appropriately according to the theme:

Countryside theme

If having the party in the countryside or you want to give the party the countryside look, you should rent a large party tent preferably with a slatted roof. To decorate the tent, you should wrap silk grapevines around the tent in a loose fashion so that the grapevines don’t hang down. To add color to the tent, add silk flowers with bright colors such as yellow and red.

Beach theme

The cool thing is that you don’t have to be having the party at the beach or at a lakeshore to use this theme. You can have it even if having it in your backyard. To decorate the tent, you should drape the poles with aqua chiffon, or airy pieces of fabric or drapery. You can also consider sticking seashells on the fabric.

For the party tables, cover them with turquoise pieces of flowing fabrics. If you have to use table centerpieces, go with plastic fish, coral, crabs, and any other animals found in the ocean. For an eye-catching display, consider hanging a beautiful mermaid from the ceiling.

Traditional look

If you are like most people and you want a simple, traditional look, there is no reason you can’t have it. All you need to do is rent a canopy that functions as a blank canvas for your décor. One of the simplest ways of decorating the tent is using balloons. Here you should wrap the poles with balloons so that they resemble balloon columns.

To decorate the ceiling, you should twist streamers and run them in a zigzag manner along the ceiling of the tent. You can also use lights that you can hang on the ceiling walls or place them on the party table.


These are some of the tips you can use when decorating your party tent. When renting the tents, always ensure that you get them from reputable rental stores. The same thing applies to the decorating materials. The benefit of getting them from reputable stores is that you have high chances of renting high-quality units.

You also get to work with experienced professionals who will not only help you with the renting of the right party supplies, they also will help you with the installation.