Party Tents: Guide On How To Decorate Your Wedding Chuppah

A chuppah is a Jewish canopy. If you are planning a Jew themed wedding you should have the chuppah with you. To make the canopy interesting you need to decorate it. Here are a few ways of decorating the chuppah:


There are many flowers that you can use in decorating. The best flowers to use are: lavender, roses, sunflowers, hyperricum berries, and gerberas.  You can use the flowers in different ways. For example, you can hang the flowers or tie them to the chuppah poles.

If the poles of the canopy have a good anchor you should consider attaching the bouquet at the top of the pole.

If you are having an outdoor wedding you should scatter flower petals on the ground in order to create a sense of natural beauty. You should spread the flowers all the way to the aisle leading to the chuppah.

Garlands are great flowers to use outdoors. You should place the flowers at the chuppah poles. For ideal results you should wrap them from the top. To create an even look you should wrap them in the same direction.

You can also attach garlands at the edge of the canopy in order to make the wedding space brighter. You can make the garland by yourself. You can also buy or rent it from a party rental company.


Ribbons add color and movement to the canopy. The cool thing with them is that they are not only simple to install, they are also cheap and you can easily get them from your local store. For a great look you should hang them ½-2/3 the length of the pole.

If you want to create a simple look you should use one color, but if you want to make it interesting you should use a number of colors.

How to Get the chuppah

There are many places where you can get a wedding chuppah. You can borrow, buy or rent it from a tent rental company. When renting you should ensure that the canopy has small loops around the edges where you can attach decorative garlands.

You should also ensure that the chuppah is of the right size. This calls for you to ensure that the canopy is tall enough. The best way of going about it is going for a chuppah that is at least two feet taller than the tallest partner.

Finally, you should ensure that you rent the chuppah from a reputable tent rental company.