Wedding Party Supplies: 3 Wedding Mistakes Your Guests Will Hate

Marylan Party Rentals

Planning a wedding isn’t a joke and you have to work hard to ensure everything runs perfectly. While it’s impossible for everything to be flawless, there are some mistakes that you shouldn’t let happen. Here are some of them:

Wrong venue

There are many places where you can have your wedding. For example, you can have it in a church, beach, country club or even in a wedding tent.

Your decision should be informed by two important factors: budget and weather. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can have the wedding in a church, but if you are operating on a large budget you should go ahead and have the wedding on a beach.

One of the major mistakes with many couples is choosing the wrong venue. Before you choose a venue, you should take your time to understand the weather. If it’s raining you should avoid doing the wedding on the beach.

Running out of sitting spaces

This is another common mistake you should avoid making. When guests come to the event and don’t have seats to sit on they feel unappreciated and most of them leave. To avoid this you should visit a party rental company and rent as many seats as you can.

It’s good that you have a list of guests that you expect to attend the event. Even with the list you should have a few extra seats to cater for unwelcomed guests.

In addition to running out of sitting spaces you should also avoid running out of foods/drinks. It’s highly recommended that you always have more food than you need. This calls for you to hire more kitchen rentals in order to prepare more food.

Lacking a theme

Remember that most of the guests attending the event have already done their wedding or are attending to get ideas of how to organize theirs. To avoid looking confused you should have a theme.

If you don’t have event decor ideas there are many wedding planners that can help you out. As rule of thumb you should ensure that every part of the event matches the theme.


These are 3 wedding mistakes that your guests will hate. If you don’t have time to undertake the planning you should consider hiring a professional to handle everything from finding the wedding venue to contacting party rentals and inviting guests.