Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Think About These Things

If you are thinking about having a backyard wedding, you are on the right track as a backyard wedding comes with plenty of benefits that include:

You can come with your pets.

If you have always wanted to have your pets at your wedding, you can definitely come with them. Unlike with an indoor wedding, you don’t need to clear with a venue or pay a deposit, you need to come with the pets and when the event is over, place them in their cage or the car.

You save money

With an outdoor wedding, you don’t have to have the event in a rented venue—you can approach a family member or friend with a large venue and have the event there. Since you won’t pay for the venue, you save money. If the venue is aesthetically pleasing, you save money on décor as you don’t need to decorate.

While you will have to rent all the other outdoor party rentals, the price of the rentals will still be lower than the venue charges.

You have the freedom to choose the date that works for you.

While it might seem like a small thing, having the freedom to choose your wedding date gives you peace of mind that you can have your wedding anytime without being tied to a date. If you have tried having an indoor wedding in a church, castle, hall or any other popular venue, you must have realized that the venues are booked months or even years in advance.

This means that you organize your wedding date based on the date the venue is available. This isn’t the case with an outdoor wedding.

With an outdoor wedding, you can have the event anytime you want. You can even postpone the event as much as you want. For example, if you feel it will rain, you can change the wedding date to a dryer day, then let the guests know about it.

You have an easy time organizing an intimate wedding

Outdoor weddings are more intimate than traditional venue weddings, so you have an easy time putting together an intimate wedding. All you need to do is to have a small guest list. When your distant friends and family members ask why you didn’t invite them, tell them you had a small venue.

Besides having your wedding in front of the people that matter, a small wedding saves you money as you don’t have many people to feed. You also don’t need to rent many tables and chairs from the event rental companies.

You can create a sentimental factor.

To make the wedding memorable and bring back your childhood memories, you should have your wedding in the backyard you used to swing and play. When executed properly, such a wedding will remain in your mind for a long time ad you will cherish it forever.

What should you think about when having an outdoor wedding?

For the backyard wedding to be a success, you need to think about several things that include:

The venue

You know you are having the wedding in your backyard, but the big question is, which backyard? Will you need to rent the backyard, or you can use your friends or family member’s venue? As you are settling at the venue, think about the people attending and where they come from.

If you want many people to attend, it’s wise to have the event at a venue close to where most of the guests live.


It will be chaos if your venue doesn’t have restrooms for the guests to relieve themselves. Thankfully, you can rent the restrooms as part of your event rentals Maryland. Other rentals you need for your event include: tents, chairs, tables, cutlery, and others.