Planning for Emergencies: What You Need to Know about Contingency Plan

Every event planner and their clients want their major event to be a success. For one thing, it is not easy to plan for an event, whether it’s a small-scale or a major one. You have to have your to-do lists and make sure you don’t miss anything from start to finish. You also have to find reliable and trustworthy suppliers to help you make the event a resounding success.

Events can be held indoors or outdoors. Your chosen venue depends on the type of event you are planning. For the latter, you may want to contact event suppliers for tent rentals or outdoor party rentals. You also have to consider contacting table and chair rentals companies for your guests’ overall comfort and enjoyment.

As mentioned, event planning means including a detailed list of what you need to ensure the said event’s success. Aside from that, you also need to anticipate unexpected instances that can compromise the turn of events. After all, the last thing you want to happen is the event failing due to unseen circumstances.

Common instances that can affect any events

Whether we like it or not, there may be instances that may happen when you least expect it. Such instances can be stressful and even put your event management, and your client’s reputation, on the line. Here are some common issues that may affect any event.

Unpredictable weather

It can be nice to hold an event outdoors. If you are planning for an outdoor event, you can contact event rentals companies near you. However, unpredictable weather may ruin the entire event and your guests would have to pack up and run for shelter.

Defective audio system

Nothing can be more annoying than experiencing technical difficulties before the event even starts. Like unpredictable weather, it can be a stressful situation as well. A major event, especially ones that you expect hundreds or even thousands of attendees, require good audio and visual systems.

Problems with the guest speaker

There are some cases wherein the invited speaker or guest will not be able to make it due to some reason. It may be because the main guest suddenly got sick or had an emergency to attend to. Of course, you may have no choice but to find some way to fill in the place of the original speaker.

Other issues that you might encounter in an event

Aside from the abovementioned common reasons for event problems, here are other instances you may encounter during event planning (or even before or during the event itself).

  • Social/environmental issues (ex. strikes/rallies, weather disturbances, road closures, and the like)
  • Gatecrashers (people who are uninvited to the event but came to show up anyway)
  • Low audience turnout
  • Internet connection/power problems
  • Catering issues (ex. no vegan or halal food served for specific guests)
  • Restroom issues (ex. no toilet flush)

Why there should be an event contingency plan

As mentioned, there will be some instances that you might not expect and that can even compromise the success of your event. No one wants their event to be a failure and their public reputation goes down the drain. If you do not have a contingency plan, these are things that can happen.

  • There can be a higher possibility of miscommunication between you and your client.
  • Expect complaints from your attendees, which can be stressful in most cases.
  • It can damage not only your client’s public reputation but also your business.

Regardless of whether you own an event rentals business or a corporate tent rentals supplier, there should be a contingency plan included for every event planning process.

What to consider in a contingency plan

Here are some things you need to consider when creating a contingency plan.

  • Be prepared for the worst. It may not be a good idea to have some negativities in your mind, but it can help in preparing in case the inevitable does happen.
  • Prepare for back-up. Ensure that all event staff members have radios for easier contact. Add signages that can be easily seen by the attendees (ex. Exit and Entrance signs, etc.)
  • Be open to the attendees. In case something unexpected does happen, you may have to inform them and ensure that you are doing everything to fix the situation.
  • Make sure to hire reliable suppliers near you. For your event needs, contact party rentals in Northern VA today.