Select the Right Tent for the Right Occasion by Knowing the Tent Types

Are you planning an outdoor event? Let us have a look at the different types of tents which one can use for outdoor parties or corporate events.

The two main types of Party Tents

Traditional rope and pole tents:              

These are the tents which rely on the central poles as well as a set of poles which are covered using a tent top. These poles are not dug into the ground but are held with the help of a fabric which is used to secure them. Ropes and stakes are used in the process.

The two kinds of rope and pole tents:

The standard pole tents: The standard pole tents have much simpler appearance on the outside. These are less expensive when compared to the other tents. These are hence used for simple house parties and private functions.

High peak: These tents are expensive and have a graceful appearance on the outside. These are hence used for wedding as well as corporate functions.

One needs to remember that both these are not suitable to use on decks or patios. These have to be installed on grass or nay other suitable surface.

Frame tents

The frame tents come with a structure and are quite easy to install when compared to the rope and pole tents. These look more elegant when compared to the other tents. These can be quite easily secured with the help of weights. Frame tents are of two types. They are:

The standard frame tents: A standard frame tent has the fabric mounted on the top of the metal frame work which is provided.

The clear span style tents: The fabric of the tent in this kind is fed into the special grooves which are built with the metal frame. This helps the fabric to be firm and in place.

Whatever the kind of tent, always be sure to choose the right one for the right event from a reputed party rental company.