Wonderful Types of Tent Rentals

wedding tents

Most of the people set their minds to rent tents. But very less do they think about the right type of tents they want to rent or the right place or source to rent the tent from. One can either get the canopy from a trusted tent rental or either from a party supply company. The cost varies usually from the amount of guests invited and other extra requirements needed for the tent.

Wedding Tents

These days wedding tents have a huge range. They are available in lots of designs, sizes and shapes. While choosing the right wedding tent, one must always focus on the theme of the wedding to go along with the design and style of the tent. Once the theme is fixed, the rental company or organization will give you options and suggestions to choose from.

Types of canopies

1. High peaked frame tents: These are best suited for small scale weddings. They are the types of tents which don’t need any poles for support and stand free. This unique style of these tents make them stand out and are preferred widely.

2. Traditional frame tents: These are the most commonly preferred tents for every backyard party. Event these do not have any interior poles and the leg heights can be changed to suit any height of elevation.

3. High peaked tension canopy:  They are also mostly preferred for weddings and backyard parties. The only disadvantage is that these tents are available only in white.

4. Traditional pole tents: Due to their quick erectable characteristic they are the most efficient type of the tents available for rent. They have interior poles and are not advisable for events like weddings.

5. Clear span structures: They are the best substitute for traditional tents. They can be installed using weights and do not support any interior poles.

All the canopies can be made beautiful with floral arrangements; perfect lighting etc. To decorate your canopy with flowers brings a good pleasant and joyful feel to the event. Consult a party rental company for more insight.