Service and Chafing Dishes rentals: Guide On How To Rent Party Serving Pieces

Service and Chafing Dishes rentals

If you are planning a party you do not need to buy new serving pieces. The event will last for a single day thus it will be stupid to invest a lot of money buying the party supplies. Instead of buying the supplies you should rent them from party rentals in your area.

How to Rent Party Serving Pieces from Party Rentals

Some of the party servicing pieces that you need include: serving trays, folks, knives, glasses, platters, bowls, spoons, and dishes. For you to buy the right units you need to consider a number of tips that include:

Consider the layout of the party: If you have planned to hold your party outdoors, you need to rent serving pieces suitable for the environment. The pieces should be designed to prevent dust, leaves, or weather elements from harming or interfering with the food.

Estimate the number of party guests: Before you rent serving pieces, it is advisable to estimate the number of people that will attend. This is to avoid having insufficient supplies. At the same time, it will help you to avoid renting too many units than you need. The best way of determining the number of people that will attend the party is to call them and ask them to confirm their attendance.

Work with an affordable party rental company: There are many party rental companies out there but few are right for you. To save money and have a great experience, work with a reputable rental company renting the units at a low cost.

Consider the theme of the party: Many people prefer using white-colored serving pieces. This is because the white color is associated with tidiness and gives the event a cool feeling. At the same time, white color merges with different themes in different events. There are many other colors of serving pieces that you can go with. You only need to choose the one that is ideal for your theme.

Be timely when renting the serving pieces: You should be timely when renting the party serving pieces. To have enough time to prepare the pieces for the event, it’s recommended that you rent the pieces a week or two before the event. If having your event during the high season, place your order a month before.


Renting party serving pieces saves you money and also gives you peace of mind. When renting, go for service and chafing dishes rentals offering additional services such as free transport service to and from the party venue.