So You are Planning for an Event This Winter Season? Here’s What You Need to Know

Winter is coming, so the popular line from Game of Thrones said. Who doesn’t love winter? Well, most people love winter, to say the least. It is a great opportunity to get stylish with your winter outfit when going outdoors. On the other hand, it can also be tempting to snuggle with your significant other while sipping on wine in front of the fireplace.

But for those who work in Events Management, there is no such thing as holidays. In fact, they would be more likely to be fully-booked during the holiday season. From corporate events, weddings, parties, and more, this is the time where event suppliers and organizers are needed the most.

Event rentals are also in demand these days as part of such events by these clients. Whether you need party tent rentals or corporate tent rentals, it is important to find a reliable supplier that will help make your event successful. For one thing, organizing an event this winter season can be interesting, challenging even.

Planning a winter event

As an event organizer, it can be a challenge to plan one without making guests feel freezing. In other words, the weather is a major consideration at this time in event planning. However, this doesn’t mean you need to limit your event plans just because it is too cold outside.

Then again, every event regardless of the weather should be well-planned. For example, ventilation, efficient cooling systems, and even shade are important when planning for an outdoor event on a summer. This is crucial especially when hiring an outdoor party rentals supplier during a summertime event.

The same applies when planning for an event this winter season. Like in any other events, you not only need to consider a nice venue, caterer, and other suppliers to hire but also to make the event itself look and feel more interesting. In fact, winter can be a nice season to plan major events with all the upcoming holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Winter event trends

Event management experts say that winter events should incorporate warmth, serenity, and glitter into their themes. If you are planning for a winter event, you may want to consider the following as part of the event-planning festivities.

Winter wonderland

Snowflakes, pine cones, and anything white and glittery is some of the most common things associated with winter. When planning for a winter event, make sure to have these symbols hanged or displayed all over the event area. It will make your event feel calm and cozy. Whether you are planning for a birthday, wedding, or any kind of event or party, this theme will work in time for the season.

Ice and more ice

Another thing associated with winter is ice and of course snow. Adding an icy feel on the event décor can be challenging. However, event planners and venue owners have already been there and they already know what to do. This doesn’t mean you have to make the event outdoors to experience actual snow for the event.

Then again, you can still plan for an outdoor event by hiring tent rentals suppliers. There are also suppliers who specialize in winter-themed events among others. To have an idea, you can use ice sculptures or bricks to make the event look and feel more wintery.

Feel the warmth

On the contrary, winter is also about warmth. It is a great time to snuggle and get cozy in front of the fireplace. You can also add other décors such as fur, wool, and knitted stuff for extra coziness.

Other winter décors you can include in your event

To make your visitors feel the essence of the season, here are other things you can add as part of your winter décor.

  • Warm, woolly blankets. Your guests will love the warmth and cozy feel of the blanket wrapped around them.
  • Serve unlimited hot coffee or chocolate (with mini-marshmallows on top) and make their tummies warm amidst the cold weather.
  • Add candles for a warm and elegant ambiance to the event area.
  • Set up a mini-campfire area for some toasted marshmallows. Serve marshmallow sticks to all of the guests and let them make their own Smores.

Right into the winter feels

Winter isn’t really bad at all. This is the time to get all warmed up, including your décor, food and beverages, and even your amenities in the event area. When planning for an outdoor event this winter, make sure to hire professional party rentals suppliers near your area. Contact the best party tent rentals in Maryland today!