What to Consider in Serving Alcoholic Drinks in an Event

Alcoholic drinks have become a subject of scrutiny these past years mainly due to its negative effects. For one, a lot of people end up consuming alcoholic drinks to the point of drinking excessively until one passes out. Worse, too much alcohol consumption can result in negative consequences and even lead you either to rehab or in jail.

On the contrary, a lot of major events would not be complete without serving alcoholic drinks. Whether the event was held in tent rentals on in indoor locations, alcoholic drinks can make any event a little more interesting. However, there are a lot of things you need to consider when you are planning to serve alcoholic drinks in an event.

Is there really a need to serve alcoholic drinks in the event?

On one hand, alcoholic drinks are considered a staple in most events that involve mostly adult guests. This can include weddings, bridal showers and stag parties, music concerts, and corporate events among a few. Aside from refreshments, event organizers should also consider hiring professional event rentals and party tent rentals suppliers.

For one thing, planning for an event can be a daunting task. You need to find the best suppliers around to ensure your event’s success. From staging and dance floor rentals to availing wedding rental packages, it is important to plan an event well including contingencies and other last-minute arrangements.

As for the serving of alcoholic drinks, it will depend on who your event participants are and the nature of the event itself. Still, serving alcoholic even for legal-age event participants can pose some risks. The last thing you want to happen as an organizer is an event getting messed up due to drunk audiences who went out of control due to excessive alcohol intake.

Creating an event plan with alcohol involved

As mentioned, it is a common thing to serve alcoholic drinks in a major event. However, there is still a major responsibility involved in the organizer’s part. This is to ensure that everything and everyone is managed while alcoholic drinks are being served.

More importantly, organizers should ensure that no minors will be served alcoholic drinks as well as those not invited in the said event. Here are some things to consider when planning an event with alcoholic drinks involved.

Identify local laws first about serving liquor.

Events experts recommend knowing liquor licensing laws in your respective state. In some instances, you might be required to provide a menu before you will be given a permit to serve liquor in an event.

Determine who carries accountability.

Find out whether the caterer has liquor liability insurance which is a must for events that require serving alcoholic beverages. That accountability may be carried by the event venue, the caterer, or third-party personnel. Such accountability measures include monitoring guests who seem to have drunk a little too much or checking IDs before entering the event area. This is crucial especially if the event participants inevitably involve minors.

Offer other beverages.

Speaking of minors, it is a must that event organizers offer non-alcoholic drinks such as mocktails. This can help in making them feel included in the event without actually consuming liquor. Don’t forget to serve water for all of the guests to keep them hydrated.

Considering safety

The more important thing to consider is the guests’ safety, especially after the event, has already finished. Make sure to have assigned personnel to monitor guests who seem to have drunk more than usual and are about to head out home. In many instances, event organizers offer transportation alternatives like taxis or buses for drunk guests.

Nevertheless, it is important that all guests will all be able to go home safe and sound. After all, you want your guests to have fun and enjoy the entire without compromising their safety. If something happens to them especially inside the venue, it will be the responsibility of the event organizers.

Planning for a successful event

Event planning can be a tedious chore. You need to look for reliable outdoor party rentals and other suppliers that will provide all you need for the event. However, you need to consider other factors to ensure that there will be no hassles and delays leading up to the event day. Contact the best event rentals in MD for your event supplier and rental needs.