So You Want to Pursue a Career in Events Management? Read This First

If events planning is your thing, then events management can be a great career to pursue. However, this career path may not be for everyone. For one thing, you should have excellent communication skills and have the eye for details. Likewise, they should be able to cope well under stress and pressure as well as to be resourceful in case of emergencies.

Events management may also include having tent rentals or table and chair rentals on the side. Planning for an event not only needs having people skills but also the necessary tools and equipment to complete an event setup. It depends on your business goals, but it is a good idea to be a one-stop-shop event business for clients.

Pursuing an events management career

Planning an event requires tedious planning and excellent coordination skills. These are some of the most important aspects of events management to ensure its success. Proper events planning will also ensure a client’s satisfaction in terms of your overall service.

If you are considering to pursue a career in events planning, you should expect to handle a variety of events. You may be planning for a Gatsby-themed corporate event, a Paw Patrol-themed kid’s birthday party, and then a garden wedding two weeks after. Having said that, events planning can also be an exciting, stressful at times, yet a fulfilling job you can ever have.

First of all, you should consider what type of services you can offer to clients. Aside from your coordination skills, can you also offer staging and dance floor rentals or have wedding rental packages? Or you can choose to have third-party suppliers and focus on your event planning skills instead? These are only some of the many things you would have to consider

Getting started

Before working in the events management industry, here are some things you need to do. First is to earn a degree. You should also attend conferences and research more about this industry. Also, you may also opt to get certifications which can put you at an advantage from others who are in the same industry.

While it is not really mandatory to earn a degree in events management, it is more recommended to get one. For one thing, having a degree can provide you more opportunities in this industry. Among the courses you can take include:

  • Hotel and restaurant management / Hospitality
  • Communications
  • Business Management / Marketing / Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Public Relations
  • Tourism management

The abovementioned courses offer major subjects that are crucial in an events management business. These include:

  • Computer skills
  • Event promotion and design
  • Accounting
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Hospitality management

Careers you can pursue in events management

If you are still starting out in this industry, you can try working under events management as:

  • Catering services coordinator
  • Production assistant or staff
  • Estate management staff
  • Volunteer events coordinator or staff
  • Guest relations staff

Experience is the best teacher, as the saying goes. That is why you should gain enough experience and learnings so you can work your way to the top. Internships are just as important to gain enough skills and knowledge if you want to become a household name in this industry.

It is also important to establish networks and connections in order to be successful in this field. Researching the industry is also crucial to know the latest trends in events management. You can also use the power of the Internet so potential clients can easily reach you for your event rentals services.

Why working in the events management industry can be worth it

There are many convincing reasons why it is a great decision to work under the events industry such as being an outdoor party rentals supplier. Among these include the following.

It offers variety.

As mentioned, events planning offers variety. You won’t plan for one event – it can be a birthday party one day, then a wedding the next day. It can widen your knowledge in this broad industry that is events planning.

You can work as a freelance or form a company.

You have the choice to work as a one-man team or create your own staff and build a small events company. There are also companies that hire event planning experts. There are different employment options you can choose from.

It offers an opportunity to go international.

Even if you migrate to another country, you can bring along your events management skills and build your brand there. You can offer services such as event rentals in Northern VA or elsewhere.