Things to Consider For a Good Stage Setup

Most events would not be complete without a stage or platform. Some may rent event venues that already include a stage, sound systems, and other important event elements. On the other hand, some would rent a staging and dance floor rentals supplier especially if it is an outdoor venue. Regardless of the event, setting up the stage is a crucial step to attract the audience’s attention and can ensure the success of the said event.

In event setups, hiring event rentals suppliers are only one thing. Setting up the stage is another. For one, the stage is what the audience will mostly see during events. That is why it is important to take consideration of your stage set up in all types of events.

Elements of a good stage setup

No matter how well-articulate the event host nor expensive is the entire event, it may all be useless if the event area including the stage setup has no appeal at all. That said, the success of an event may all boil down to details. That is why professional event rentals companies know the importance of good stage setup.

So, what are the important elements that a good stage setup should have? Among these include the following.

Stage design

Stage designers should be able to work on all types of event spaces, no matter how big or small or where the venue is. It all goes down to creativity and coordination skills. Of course, the stage design should be connected to the event theme. At the same time, it should also be visually-appealing that it can easily attract audiences’ attention.


It is also an important aspect of a good stage setup especially if the event is held in the evening. Some outdoor party rentals suppliers may also provide lighting systems that can make the event more special. Lighting can also control the overall stage mood depending on the type of event.

Backdrop and stage sets

An event stage is simply a platform where the event formalities are commenced. An event with a plain staging can be boring to watch. This is how staging and dance floor rentals suppliers can add color (literally) to the stage. The common stage backdrops include banners, videos, and animated presentations among a few.

Mistakes to avoid during stage setups

Stage setups nowadays take more than just adding a curtain or a projector screen announcing the event name. It has become more sophisticated over the years – a visual eye-candy if you will. However, you should avoid these common pitfalls during stage setups.

Too simple

Having a simple setup may still be acceptable – say, adding a curtain and a projector screen in front – in case of small informal events. However, this is unacceptable for major events like music concerts. As mentioned, a good stage setup can set the entire event mood that is why event organizers should make an effort to beautify the stage.

Faulty equipment

This is a no-no in every event. For one, it can ruin an entire stage setup. Also, feedback and echoes can be annoying to the ears. It can affect the audience’s attention which in turn can affect your entire event as well.

Poor lighting

As mentioned, lighting can set the entire mood of the event. It can even be one of the event’s main attraction. On the contrary, poor lighting can ruin the event atmosphere. In effect, the audience may be uninterested to pay attention to the stage.

Important tips for utilizing the stage setup

An outdoor party rentals or table and chair rentals companies can help set the events area including the stage and floor setup. Here are some tips to ensure that the stage is well-utilized and ensure a successful event.

  • Determine what the stage performers or speaker will need on stage. This can affect the stage setup, so make sure to coordinate well with these VIP guests.
  • As much as possible, do not place chairs on the side of the stage. Instead, place chairs directly in front for a better view of the stage. Ideally, the first row of seats should be around five feet away from the stage. Make a way to maximize the audience view if there are pillars or posts present in the event area.
  • Make sure that the stage is elevated and can be easily seen from behind.

Hiring events companies for your upcoming events

For your event setup needs, make sure to deal only with party tent rentals in Maryland or any other event suppliers near you.