So You Want to Start a Party Planning Business? Read this First

Planning for a party is no different from planning a wedding. A party is technically an event, which means you have to consider several factors if you want to make it successful. If you don’t want to stress yourself out planning for a special party, make sure you do it ahead of time. If the party will be done outside the home, you can contact event rentals companies to help you with the venue set-up.

For one thing, party planning can be hectic and stressful depending on the details you want to include. However, starting a party planning business can be profitable and somewhat exciting, too.

You can partner with other suppliers such as outdoor party rentals suppliers, or create your own all-in-one party planning business. Make sure to know the basics of party planning and the essential must-haves in this business.

What to consider in party planning

Creating a business requires thorough planning and research. This also applies if you are planning to have a party planning business. To have an idea, you should ask the following to your client:

What is the party all about?

There are different types of parties other than the usual birthdays. It can also be for other occasions such as graduation parties, bridal showers, baby showers, baptismal parties, welcome parties, or any other types of life events that deserve to be celebrated.

Who will be the main celebrant?

Is the party for your child, parent, spouse, a relative, or a close friend? There are also instances that the “celebrant” is not a who, but a what. For example, a company may hold a special event celebrating its nth anniversary in the business. Nevertheless, the party theme and other needs will depend on who (or what) the celebrant is.

When and where will the party be held?

It is important to consider the party lead time so that you, the party planner, can plan the event properly. If it’s an outdoor event, you can hire staging and dance floor rentals and party tent rentals suppliers depending on the party theme.

How many will be the client’s guests?

You may consider hiring table and chair rentals suppliers so that the guests can sit as comfortable as possible during the event. The venue should also be considered depending on the number of guests.

What will the type of party be?

Will the party be held during lunch time or dinner time? Does the client want to serve a specific menu for the party? Depending on the time of the party, it is also important which type of food should be served.

Pros of having a party planning business

Planning a party may sound fun. However, party planning can be no walk in the park. It requires attention to detail and good coordination and organization skills. Aside from that, you should have the ability to deal with different types of people, multi-task, and a passion for making other people happy.

Among the benefits of having a party planning business include the following:

  • It won’t need a huge initial amount to invest in this kind of business.
  • You won’t have to undergo formal training to be a party planner, although it is better to keep yourself updated with the latest event planning trends.
  • You can run the business at home.
  • This business is perfect for people-oriented individuals.
  • You can potentially earn six figures with the right type of clients.

Cons of having a party planning business

Party planning can be a fun affair. However, it may not always spell “fun” – anything can happen that is out of the original plan. Among other cons of having a party planning business include:

  • Expect working longer hours. Party planners should always be on top of things, which includes attending the event. Most events are often held on weekends or evenings.
  • It can be challenging and even frustrating to find your first few clients.
  • Expect to deal with some irrational clients and extend your patience for them.
  • You may have to source your own subcontractors such as party rentals suppliers for your events business.

Start your own party planning business now

You don’t need formal education for party planning. Simply doing your own research or even going into immersions can help you learn more about events planning. Make sure you are physically and mentally prepared to be a party planner. Create a business plan so you will be on track with the event planning activities. For your event supplier needs, you can hire the best party rentals in Maryland.