Things to Consider When Planning for Your Wedding

First off, congratulations to you and your future spouse! Getting married is something both of you (and most likely everyone else) is looking forward to. But more than an unforgettable wedding, it is more important how you and your future spouse work to make your marriage last.

Then again, planning for your own wedding can be challenging. From choosing the best wedding tent rental packages to the catering services, you would only want to make your wedding an unforgettable moment in your life. In other words, the wedding preparation is just the beginning of your journey as a bride.

Choosing the right suppliers

Depending on your budget, it is important to choose suppliers who will help turn your dream wedding into reality. There are different elements you need to consider leading up to your wedding day.

Venue and date

First, you need to check where you are going to get married. You can get married in a nearby or an out-of-town church, or go for an outdoor wedding. For the latter, you may have to find a reliable tent rentals supplier to keep you and your guests as comfortable as possible.

Catering service

Some wedding rental packages suppliers may also offer catering services. Make sure to get their menu and schedule food tasting as well. Let your food caterer know of your estimated headcount.

Hair and makeup

Find the best hair stylists and makeup artists and compare their portfolio and rates before choosing one. If you have close friends who can offer these services on your special day, then much better. Don’t forget to give him or her a thank-you gift after the wedding.


You can either wear your mom’s or grandma’s wedding gown or buy a new one. Regardless, you want to be the most beautiful woman on your wedding day.


You can send an invitation at least six months before your wedding day. You can make your own or hire creative services to make your invitation cards.


Don’t forget to buy your wedding rings a few months before the wedding day. Decide whether to hire musicians or avail staging and dance floor rentals services so your guests can enjoy the rest of the night. List down your entourage.

Indoor or outdoor?

Now, choosing to have an indoor or outdoor wedding is another major decision. Before deciding, you should consider both sides of the coin.

On one hand, indoor weddings may be an ideal choice for those who are into traditional weddings. Meaning, you long to have your wedding in a ballroom or your church. Indoor weddings can give you an opportunity to design the area any way you want. Plus, you and your guests will be safe from sudden rains or the intense heat of the sun.

On the contrary, an indoor wedding may be more expensive in terms of décor. Indoor wedding venues may also limit space, which can also limit guest headcount. Nonetheless, indoor weddings provide an intimate atmosphere which makes the entire event feel cozy and comfortable.

Meanwhile, outdoor weddings are suitable for nature-loving couples. Some couples choose to have a garden wedding, while others opt for a beach wedding. Regardless, outdoor weddings make you feel closer to nature and appreciate the surroundings more.

However, you may have to hire event rentals services and rent a wedding tent to make your guests more comfortable. Also, expect to have “unwanted guests” on your wedding day such as bugs and mosquitoes. In such cases, make sure to plan for pest control on your outdoor wedding.

Final preparations

Make sure to take care of the last-minute checklist at least a few weeks before to avoid being a “bridezilla” on your wedding day.

  • Apply for your marriage license.
  • Coordinate with suppliers to ensure everything is all set – from catering, tent rentals, reception, etc.
  • Schedule gown fittings to ensure your dress fits just right. Make sure your entourage knows whether they have to spend for their own outfit or have a separate fitting schedule.
  • Stop yourself from posting your wedding dress on social media. Let your guests (and your groom) look at you with awe once you walk down the aisle.
  • Don’t forget your post-wedding plans – honeymoon venue, thank-you cards and tokens, and more.
  • Relax and pamper yourself the day before the wedding.

A wedding to remember

A wedding is a special day everyone looks forward to, including the groom and bride of course. Contact the best event rentals in Maryland to help you turn your dream wedding into reality.