Tent Rentals: Guide On How To Have A Successful Tent Event

tent rentals

When people are planning tent events they only think about the quality and style of the tent and the tent rentals stocking the tents that they are interested in. According to party planners, most of the people forget important details that would give their tents a great look thus making their events memorable. If you are planning a tent party, here are things that you should consider to make your event an envy of many:

Tent drape covers

Drape covers allow you to creatively dress up your tent without spending too much money. The covers come in different colors, sizes and designs. It’s up to you to choose the ones that are ideal for you. Professionals recommend that you use the covers in weddings and other upscale events. You shouldn’t go through the trouble of installing them during family reunions, graduation and children parties. When installing them, ensure that they are of high quality. Also ensure that they compliment the look of your tent. You can go with drape covers of the same color and design or you can make it interesting by going for those with different colors and designs.

Tent water barrel covers

If you are having the event during the rainy season its wise that you have the tents water barreled. If you have seen water barred tent you know that there is nothing pleasing about them. Regardless of the formality of the event, you should install barrel covers in order to cover up the unsightly barrels. Just like when installing drape covers, install barrel covers that compliment the theme of the event.

Tent perimeter lighting

The lighting not only provides light in the tent, it also functions as a decoration accessory. Perimeter lights come in different sizes and designs. When renting the tent, ask the party rental company about the right size and design of lighting that you should install. When choosing the colors of the lighting, pay close attention to the formality of your event. You shouldn’t use plenty of differently colored lights in a formal event.

Tent flooring

It’s not mandatory to install tent flooring whenever you are having an event. It’s recommended that you install the flooring when you are having the party in a wet/muddy area. You should also consider installing the flooring when throwing extremely large parties such as university graduations and corporate galas. Just like other areas of the tent, ensure that the flooring is of high quality and compliments the party theme.


These are the areas that you should focus on for you to have a great tent party. For the tent to give you the service that you deserve, rent it from reputable party rentals in your area.