Tent Rentals Guide to Help You Choose the Right One for Your Occasion

Choosing the right tent rentals for your outdoor party is not easy. There are different kinds of tents to choose from and you need to be sure of what you need. In this article, we guide on how to choose the most ideal outdoor party tents Rentals for your event. While you can use almost any tent for your party its best to choose one that will bring out your style and ensure your guest are comfortable.

Types of tents

  • Canopies Tents

Canopies are the least expensive and the lightest. They don’t have poles in the center and are easy to set up and take down. Canopies can be easily moved but are not ideal for every occasion.

  • Pole Tents

Pole tents come in a range of sizes and are kept stable by stakes and other tie downs. They are available in a variety of colors and they are versatile. They have a center pole and when making a choice you need to decide whether you want the center pole.

  • Frame Tents

Frame tents use tubular metal for support and they don’t have a center pole. Without the center pole, the tent is more flexible and can be used for an indoor party or even near buildings. They are more flexible than other kinds of tents but require more work to set up. Frame tents are stylish but require more work to set up.

  • Tensions Tents

They are similar to the pole tents and use perimeter and center pole for support. They rely on the tension from the roof to keep the roof in place. They have a higher peak than other tents and that gives them a dramatic and elegant look. The high peak improves wind resistance and gives it the strength to resist harsh weather.

Does size Matter when Selecting Tents?

When selecting the right tent size matter. How big your tent should depend on the type of seating and any other vendors you are likely to have. Consider the number of people you are going to have at the party. You will also need a tent for the vendors. If you have a stage and dance rentals, then you will need more tents space. The experts from the event rentals company will guide you on the kind of tents you need. The size of the tent you choose should leave space for your guest to walk around and enjoy.

Parts and Tops of the Tent

Party tents are made with different material, but the main material is the frame and top. Most of the tents are made with aluminum and steel. Aluminum is lighter than steel but it’s likely to bend more easily. Steel is more tough and studier.

Party tents made with aluminum may be more expensive than those made with steel. The tops of tents are made from polyester and vinyl tops. Polyester is cheaper and used to make canopy tents. Vinyl is used to make pole and frame tents. Most tents are made of vinyl which provides better protection against UV rays. Vinyl is also easy to clean, flame resistant and durable.

Accessories to Add to the Tents

There are several accessories you can add to the tent. Below are accessories to add to the tent rentals

  • Sidewalls

Sidewalls are ideal during extreme weather. They give your guest privacy, shelter and they give your tents a formal appearance. The sidewalls you choose will depend on the kind of tents. You can choose opaque, clear or mesh sidewalls.

  • Stakes and Anchors

The outdoor party tents require stakes and anchors. The type of anchors and stakes depend on the kind of tents rentals you choose. Stakes make the tents stable. Anchors are additional security for the tents. They are ideal if you are pitching the tent in an area where they are a strong wind.


Your tent rentals will require to be cleaned. When you get party tent rentals to ensure they are cleaned. Depending on how long you are going to be using the tents you may need to carry the tent rentals cleaners.

The above guide will help you choose the right party tent rentals for your occasion. The party tents you choose should be large enough to fit your guest and vendors. Make sure that you add the required accessories to make your guest more comfortable.