The most Overlooked Things When Planning a Tent Wedding

A tent wedding can be beautiful if meticulously planned. It’s important to ensure that you begin your wedding plans early enough so that you don’t miss important items. In this article, we look at the items you are likely to forget when planning for your wedding. It’s crucial to ensure that you get the right event rentals and ensure your day is memorable.

Things you are likely to Forget when Planning Your Wedding

  • AC for your units

If you are holding your wedding during summer, then there is a chance that the tent will be hot. Even if the tent is not covered on the side, it may become hot and uncomfortable for your guest. Make sure that as you get tent rentals that you also get AC units for the tents. If the event runs into the night get a heater to keep your guest warm. It’s important to ensure that your guests are comfortable by having the right temperature.

  • Generators

Even if you have a direct source of power consider getting a generator for back up in case there is a blackout. A generator can also be used for the tents that are far away from the power source. You can power the DJ tent, a food tent with a generator. It’s therefore important that you confirm whether the wedding tent rentals company has a generator, or you will need to one for your event. Talk to all the supplies and find out their power needs.

  •  Accessible Bathrooms for the guest

Your wedding will take several and it’s paramount that you ensure that your guest can access clean bathrooms. If there are no bathrooms near the tents, ensure that you provide easily accessible ones for your guest. Make sure that you consider children and other special groups of people who may be in attendance.

  • Parking space

When choosing the venue make sure that wedding tent rentals will fit in the space you have chosen and leave parking space. Make sure that you have enough parking space for all your guest that is secure. If your wedding will run late make sure there is enough lighting.

  • Wedding tent floor

It’s important that you determine the kind of floor to use for your wedding. Depending on the venue of your event decide the kind of floor that will keep your guest comfortable. Most people opt to use the natural grass and that may make it difficult for the guest to move around especially during the rainy season. If your wedding will not have a floor, make sure you inform your guest.

  • Trashcans

One of the most ignored item in a wedding is a trashcan. It’s paramount that you provide trashcans where your guest can throw the litter. You can ask the event rentals company whether trashcans are part of the package. It’s best to ensure that the wedding tent rental package you chose contains trashcans to ensure your venue remains clean all-day long.

  • Directions and Signage

It’s important to ensure that your guest doesn’t get lost. Make sure there are clear direction instructions. Directions and signage will ensure that your guest gets to your event on time. Add a  map of the venue on the card or website. Also, ensure that the venue is clearly labeled. You don’t want your guest to keep asking where certain facilities are located. The tent rentals company should give you ideas on how to label the various tents and facilities.

  • Lighting

The right lighting will highlight beautiful décor and make your photos look amazing.  You can get tents that have a ceiling draped in fabric and has lights.  Make sure that every tent is well lit.

  • Pick the right chairs

It’s important that you pick the right chairs for your day. The guest spends a lot of the time seated and that means they need to be comfortable. Make sure the chair rentals you get are comfortable. Ensure that they are strong enough and will not break on the wedding day.


When looking for wedding tent rental packages make sure that you confirm what is in the package. Ensure that even the smallest items such as trashcan are in the package. It’s best to work with event rentals company that has years of experience because they will be able to advise you on the items you may need. Make sure you don’t overlook anything that would make your guests uncomfortable.