Things You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Wedding DJ

As you are beginning to count the days before saying your “I Do’s”, you may not help but feel excited for your big day. Regardless of your wedding preference, one thing is for sure: you want to make sure everything goes smoothly during your wedding day.

There are many things to consider when planning your wedding. Among these include hiring event rentals suppliers or availing wedding rental packages. To entertain your guests, it can also be a good idea to hire a wedding DJ.

Weddings are supposed to be not always solemn. That said, a wedding should be a fun one and something that your guests won’t ever forget. Hiring a wedding DJ is a good idea to add life to your big day.

How much can it cost to hire a DJ?

Wedding DJs usually do their job at the reception part of the wedding festivities. They may charge differently depending on their expertise and how long they will be there at the wedding. The rate may also depend on the location where you are getting married.

For example, an amateur or part-time DJ based on the Southwest region may charge around $200 to $300 per event. On the other hand, professional DJs or those who have made playing music a full-time job can cost you between $1,000 to as much as $2,500 per event. Of course, you may be responsible for the staging and dance floor rentals. In return, the DJ should bring his or her equipment on your special day.

But if you find it expensive hiring a wedding DJ, you can ask a musically-inclined friend to DJ for your special day. Make sure you give your friend a token of appreciation and a fee for the improvised DJ job (unless he or she declines out of goodwill).

What to look for in a wedding DJ

It can be challenging to find the ideal DJ who can give life to your wedding day. He or she will have a major role to play (pun intended) at your special day. Here are some things you need to consider when looking for a wedding DJ.


The DJ should at least played for a couple of major events such as weddings. He or she should know what music to play in any given event. The DJ should be able to make your guests get up and dance on the floor and be able to perform well wherever the venue is – whether it’s in tent rentals, a hotel, or elsewhere.

Equipment and sound

The DJ should have a wide variety of music in his or her music library. He or she should also have a business license to operate. The DJ should also bring his or her own professional sound equipment suitable for the event. Better yet, the equipment should also have insurance in case of damage incurred during the event.

Customer service

The wedding DJ should make the event all about you like the VIPs of the day. He or she should be open to suggestions and make the event fun not only for the newlywed couple but also for the guests. The DJ may also offer other services that everyone will love such as a photo booth, projector screens, and other add-ons.

Other tips for DJ hunting

For one thing, you should consider where to find the best party rentals and table and chair rentals suppliers for a wedding night to remember. Other than that, here are other tips you should remember when looking for a DJ.

Do your own research.

You can find DJ services online or consider referrals from friends and other trusted sources. There are also DJs who specialize in weddings. Ask for their rates beforehand so you can include it in your wedding budget. More importantly, you and the DJ should have a contract.

Ask for a sample DJ work.

If you have already found your candidate, ask for his or her sample work – whether it’s a mixtape, sample playlist, or even a live performance. You should hear it yourself first before you hire him or her.

Give playlist instructions prior to the wedding day.

Make sure the DJ agrees with your terms and conditions, especially the “do not play” list. Otherwise, it can ruin your day when you find out that the DJ is not cooperative with you. Better yet, the DJ should be open to song requests and ensure that the event is lively and happy.

Find a reliable events supplier for your big day

Choose a wedding supplier that won’t cause you headaches on your special day. You can also avail wedding rental packages in Maryland. Contact one today!