What to Consider When Planning for a Destination Wedding

Whether you are planning for a simple or grandiose wedding, one thing is for sure: you only want it to be one of the best and most memorable parts of your life. It may take months or even a year to plan for your dream wedding. You may also have to choose among wedding rental packages that will suit your budget, among others.

Planning for other aspects of your wedding day requires attention to detail. This is to ensure that you won’t miss out on anything leading up to your big day. You can choose to hire a wedding tent rentals company for an outdoor wedding. Or if you want a wedding to remember – and if you also have a budget for it – you can plan for a destination wedding.

First of all, an outdoor wedding and a destination wedding are two different things. The former can be a garden or an events venue as your wedding location. On the other hand, a destination wedding is usually officiated in a far-flung place – usually in tourist destinations whether local or international – away from where you live.

Sure, a destination wedding may seem to be a nice, dreamy idea. But before you decide on that, you should consider several factors. Some of which is your budget, your guests, choosing an event rentals company (if applicable), and logistics.

Pros of a destination wedding

Destination weddings are getting more popular these days. In fact, it has increased to at least 25 percent of the wedding market as compared to 5 percent years ago. Destination weddings can be a great option for adventure-loving couples or those who simply want to get married anywhere but a church or a nearby outdoor wedding.

Some of the benefits of choosing a destination wedding include:

You may avail a complete wedding package in your chosen wedding destination.

A lot of resorts and other tourism organization that took notice of the surging trend on destination weddings and its revenue-earning potential. You can also avail the services of an on-site coordinator who will help you find the best wedding rental packages you will need.

You can have an intimate wedding with closest friends and family.

Destination weddings can give you an opportunity to have an intimate wedding with only you, your groom, and your closest loved ones. Plus, you and your guests can enjoy a few days of sightseeing on the side. It can be more worthwhile to spend your money on your 50 or so closest loved ones rather than 100-plus guests, which some of them you are not really that close to.

Cons of a destination wedding

Meanwhile, there are also disadvantages when you choose to have a destination wedding. Among these include:

Challenges in wedding preparations

This may be more likely if your chosen destination venue does not have connections with event rentals or other wedding suppliers within the area. That leaves you to arrange your own destination wedding, which can be stressful especially when you are miles away.

Logistical issues

As much as you want to invite your closest friends and loved ones, it can be possible that some of them may not make it. It may be due to the flight expenses, office leave issues, and other personal reasons. Of course, you may feel bad when one of your closest friends or relatives tell you they cannot come to your big day.

Other things to consider

Aside from the above-mentioned situations, here are some other things you need to do to ensure that your destination wedding will be one for the books.

Do an ocular.

As much as possible, try to make extra effort to check out your chosen wedding location. If you have the budget to afford a destination wedding, then it can also be a good idea to include a site visit to your wedding budget.

Consider the location’s weather.

It is important to choose the right dress material depending on the location’s weather. For beach weddings, you may opt for a wind-friendly hairstyle and a cool fabric – say chiffon – so you will feel more comfortable at your wedding day.

Inform your guests way ahead of time.

This will give them time to calculate and save up in time for your wedding day. Surely, they won’t miss the opportunity to be at your special and be in a foreign location.

Make your dream wedding come true

Weddings are one of the most memorable moments in someone’s life, whether you choose to get married in a rent wedding tent or in an international location. You can also rely on professional wedding tent rentals in Northern VA for your special day.