Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Entourage

The best man, maid of honor, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and principal sponsors are all parts of your entourage. You need to go back to basics, and you should talk about the responsibilities and roles of the people in your entourage. In case you are unsure about whom to choose for the roles, you can find information in this article.

Weddings can be a time for tradition, and you only want the best people you know and trust to be part of your entourage.

You will be thinking about the style of your wedding and everything else like wedding tent rental packages, but you need to know how to choose an entourage. Read this article until the end.

Principal Sponsors

Legally, principal sponsors are those who are in your entourage that should be in attendance while they serve waitresses, they will sign the marriage certificate. The principal sponsors can also be your grandparents to children from the marriage, and can always be there for counseling in case the marriage encounters any issues.

Secondary Sponsors

These people are the friends and family of the couple. They can help you organize a wedding. The maid of honor and bridesmaids are the ones who will help the bride while the groomsmen and best men should have the groom’s support. Some relatives, long-time friends, and siblings are normally the candidates.

Maid of Honor

The maid of honor is the best friend or female family member the bride is closest to. They help out the bride with anything they need. From planning your bridal shower to straightening out the wedding dress of the bride on your big day. The maid of honor is supposed to relieve the bride’s stress. If you are unable to choose one, you can also have a “Man of Honor.”

Best Man

The main role is normally given to the best friend of the groom and it is a responsibility to make sure that the groom will arrive in one piece, while he organizes the groom’s bachelor party. They will prepare a wedding reception speech, and keep the wedding rings safe until you need them.


The bridesmaids are the ones who will help the maid of honor and they are normally close friends and family of the bride. The bridesmaids can help attend to the guests in the reception, and you should note that you have the same number of groomsmen and bridesmaids.


Aside from supporting the groom, they typically help with whatever errands they should run. They are also to help the best man with his responsibilities, usher guests before the wedding ceremony, and escort the bridesmaids in the ceremony. Groomsmen are normally the close family and friends of the groom.

Entourage Children

Choosing toddlers as part of the entourage can be tricky. This is a problem if your friends and relatives have children and they want their children to be at the wedding. You should limit your choice to the ones who are not younger than 4 years old. Temperament can be a consideration. You might want to choose children who can be taught and obey the tasks you ask them to do. It is a lot better if the children know the wedding crowd and the couple.


Some weddings have three kinds of bearers: the coin bearer, ring bearer, and the bible bearer if it is a catholic wedding. The bearers are normally children, either the children of good friends or family members aged from 3 upwards.

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