Tips on How to Save Money on Wedding Rentals

Wedding rentals don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It’s however important that you get quality rentals that will make your event look glamorous. How can you ensure that you keep the cost of the wedding event rentals within the stated budget? In this article, we tell you budget saving tips that will help keep the cost low.

Tips on How to Save Cost on Wedding Rentals

  • Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Keeping your water and wine glass simple and you will get you an elegant look and save money. You can make the champagne glasses look a little different and that will give your event that sophisticated look without spending a fortune.

  • Choose simple tablecloths and use an elegant napkin

Tablecloths will be more expensive to hire than napkins. To save on cost choose to splurge on napkins instead of tablecloths. The guest may not notice tablecloths because there will glasses and plate on top but will notice the napkins. When looking for event rentals find lower priced items that you can complement with expensive items.

  • Choose Chairs that are Multipurpose

Select chairs and a table that can be used during the ceremony and the reception. That will cut budget cost. However, plan how you intend to transport your chairs from one venue to the other. Consider the cost of transporting the chairs from one venue to another and weigh to see whether it will help save cost. If the ceremony and reception venue are further away that may not help in saving cost.

  • Lighting

Choose lighting that is less expensive. Bistro lights may be cheaper than huge lights. Talk to the wedding rentals packages expert on the best lighting for your event. Make sure that you have a wedding checklist of what you need.

  • Use Round Tables

Roundtables accommodate more people than square tables. To make it look fancier and still save you can mix both kinds of tables. Roundtables are however more effective and will save you money.

  • Make sure the venue is flexible

Choose a flexible venue where the delivery and pick of wedding tent rentals can be done earlier. Having a flexible venue will save cost in case the event delays and the tent rentals company can deliver the items in advance without extra charges

  • Compare the Wedding Rental Packages

If there is more than one wedding tent rentals company available, visit and get quotations. Compare the quotes and choose the one offering quality and at a cost, you can afford. You are likely to find that one of the companies’ charges more on an item and less on others. Make sure you do a thorough comparison of the total cost of rentals.

  • Skip the Wedding Rental Packages if you have fewer guest

If your wedding has a few guests, the wedding rental packages may prove to be expensive. Most packages are meant for a certain number of people and if your event has a fewer number of people it might turn out to be expensive. Determine the number of people you expect and hire the event rentals that you need.

  • Order the Correct Size of the Wedding Tent

The correct wedding tent rentals will save you money. Ordering the wrong size of the tent will cost you more. In case you order a small tent, you will need to add more money for additional tents. That may cause a delay in receiving the tent rentals that you need. Make sure that you have the approximate number of people you expect at the event and rent the wedding tent that is appropriate.

  • Select Chairs that are less Pricey

When selecting a chair for your event you can have the most expensive for a smaller section of the guest and use plastic chairs for the rest of the group. Blending chairs will ensure you have an elegant event and save on cost.

  • Put in measures to reduce replacement cost

Make sure that all the items that you get from the wedding rentals company are in good condition to avoid paying replacements cost. Make sure the wedding tent rentals, chair table rentals, and staging and dance floor rentals are in perfect conditions. If you rent tablecloths make sure that you have ashtrays for guest who smoke and candle holders to avoid damaging the tablecloth. In case you have flowers that could stain the cloth make sure that the tablecloth is protected.

  • Work with one Vendor

Working with one vendor will help you save on delivery cost. If it’s possible work with one vendor.

You will enjoy your wedding if you are to manage the resources available. Make sure the wedding tent rentals you choose will help you save a dime. Stick to your budget while hiring event rentals and you can have peace of mind during your event.