Tips On How To Set Your Party Table

Are you holding a party and wondering how you should set your party table? Here are tips on how to set your table and make your party is a success:

Strive For Symmetry

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on tableware in order for your tablescape to look great. One of the cheapest ways of making your table look great is creating symmetry. If you don’t have a lot of china rentals to create a perfect pattern you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is to alternate similar patterns.

For you to create a perfect table pattern you should ask your party supplier to supply you with the party items beforehand. This way you will have time to play around with the items and find the right pattern to go with.

Make Use Of Textiles

Good china is chic, but fabric gives your table a fabulous look. To look different you should do your research and find the fabric that is less common. One of the best fabrics that you should go for is cotton. The cool thing with cotton is that it’s inexpensive, washable and you can find it in different colours and patterns.

If you don’t have a large budget you should consider renting the fabric. Here you only need to contact the party rental company and you will get the fabrics that you need.

Have A Tasty Centrepiece

In addition to satisfying the appetite of your guests, your dessert is also a great design element for your table. You should serve the dessert as a buffet in order to encourage some movement and make your event formal.

Go For Colourful Dining Supplies

If your accessories aren’t great to look at, you should consider making use of the dining supplies. It’s usually expensive to buy the supplies; therefore, it’s wise to rent them. You should contact your dining supply rental company and ask them to supply you with plates, cups and flatware that are in bright hues. The bright colours will definitely add a pop of colour in your table setting.


These are tips on how to set your party table. When renting the supplies always do your research and ensure that you are working with a professional and experienced party supply company.