Tips to Decorate a Tent for a Wedding Reception

Wedding tents offers the best outdoor alternative. They offer shelter for outdoor celebrations from harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or high winds or rain. Decorating a barebones wedding tent seems to be a daunting task as even flooring and lighting adds to the cost. But with little creativity and a vision for your tent, you can make your own wedding tent ideas and transform your wedding into a memorable occasion for everyone.

Choose the flooring and other party supplies

Decide the flooring for your wedding tent. Some of the tent rentals companies offered wood flooring, plastic flooring or checkered dance floor as options. Make sure to choose a floor that matches with the wedding theme and appeal to the guests.

Most of the party supplies company provides white folding chairs with a 71-inch round tables for guests. Decorate them with linen and d├ęcor for weddings in beautiful colors and tie soft, silky ribbons on the back of every chair in bow shape.

Try to give height to the reception tent by using a tree-inspired look. Make sure to paint the branches to match them with the wedding theme and give a metallic look by using silver or gold spray paint. Bundle 14 to 20-inch high branches with ribbon and use a fishing line to connect and hang plastic jewels from each bundle and keep them in pots to create beautiful decorative pieces. Evolve magical trees approximately three to four feet tall in shades of a single color and place them at different heights in the tent area.

Add lighting effects

Use beautiful lights to highlight pictures and create a perfect ambiance. Talk to your wedding tent rentals company for primary and secondary sources of lighting. The use of plastic colored filters on the main sources of light helps to create attractive atmosphere. Hang spirals of small lights all around the tent poles and corners to hide the supports used to stand tent. You can also use electric lanterns or luminaria inside the tent to add more color and give romantic effects to your venue.

Introduce the concept of varying heights. Gather several stools or pillars of varying heights and keep them around the perimeter of the tent. Drape each one with a soft or silky fabric. Ensure to make the fabric touch the floor when draped over each pedestal. Get other decorative party supplies like floral arrangements to add a visual element. Make sure to choose the fabric flowers that match with the wedding theme colors and create decorations at varying heights by using fabric flowers.