Tips To Laying Out Your Wedding Tent

After renting your wedding tent from tent rentals, you need to lay it out properly to ensure the guests are comfortable and your event looks great. Some of the tent layout tips you need to put into consideration include:

Pay attention to the shape of the tent.

Tents come in all manner of shapes. There are square, circular, rectangular, and even oval tents. When you are laying out the different items in the tent, pay close attention to the tent shape. Some of the ideas you can put into place include:

Laying out a square tent

If you will have a dance floor, ensure the dance floor is square or round, and you should place it at the center of the tent. If you aren’t looking to rent a dance floor, line the edges of the dance floor area with circle-shaped tables, leaving the middle open.

If you simply want the guests to socialize, rent high tops and stools and fill the space or leave a walkway going down the middle for more accessibility.

Laying out a rectangular tent

Place a square dance floor in the middle of your tent. You can place a buffet table on the edge of the tent and the bar or gift table on the other side.

If you will have a DJ, place the DJ booth above the dance floor and the bar or refreshments below it. You should place round tables on both of the remaining two sides.

Laying out a circular wedding tent

Place a round dance floor in the middle of the tent with four rectangular tables evenly spaced outside, pointing towards the edge like sunbeams. Do you have a half and half-circular table? Create a pathway going down the middle of the tent, then place a half mood-shaped dance floor on the one side and tables on the other side.

If you have a cabaret circular tent, place your stage on the side of the circle. Place the high-top tables around in a mini circle and the regular tables on the outside of the tables placed in a mini circle.

Have a seating chart

For a streamlined experience, smoother logistics, and better wedding guest experience, consider creating a seating chart. The chart will ensure that everyone knows where they should go when they arrive at the reception.

With the advances in technology, you can even use event programming, and this will allow you to upload the guest list, track the RSVPs, and add detailed notes on each guest file, such as mobility accommodations and dietary restrictions.

From the chart, you can drag, drop and place each guest where you want them to sit. Is your tent large, and you have room for plus-ones? Slot them in at strategic areas, so they don’t feel out of the occasion.

Ensure the tent is properly lit.

Even if you are having your event in the middle of the day, lighting is a vital component in your wedding as it controls the amount of light and the mood in the tent. When laying out the lights, consider these great practices:

  • Wrap the lights around poles as they are safer there
  • Add a statement pendant light to the center or above the sweetheart table to draw the eye to the light
  • If using strand lights, crisscross at least six strands inside the tent, so you give the tent a beautiful glow at night.
  • Install weatherproof, outdoor string bulb lights around the perimeter of the tent
  • Will people be dancing in the tent? Rent a good quality disco ball from event rentals Maryland and place it at the top of the tent.