Wedding Decoration Ideas

party tentsWedding receptions held under tents seems to be a great idea. Couples planning an outdoor wedding might want to use party tents to protect guests from certain types of weather conditions. Before choosing a party rentals, make sure to find out a venue that can accommodate the tent size you envision for your wedding arrangements.Also, make a choice of sturdy tent.

Decorate your wedding reception

A tent is always beautiful and makes a wedding different with the help of interesting event decor ideas. A tented wedding requires a lot of planning. To create a magical scene under the big top, make sure to choose the right tent style and create a fairy-tale look with the help of pole tent. Linen and décor for weddings gives an awesome look. The uses of flowers dress-up a tent reception. Also plan to invest your time and money to choose quality lights. Using spotlights with twinkle lights and colored gels creates interesting shadows.
Although party tents for special events such as weddings have all types of special touches but make sure to create a perfect match with the theme of your event. Read some interesting ideas to decorate the tents:

Wrap the Tent Poles

All types of tents require adequate support poles. Don’t ignore and consider decorating the tent poles. Wrap them with a colored fabric to make it co-ordinate with the overall theme of the wedding.Always keep in mind that a big pole size requires a lot of fabric. Choose from sheer fabrics such as tulle that gives a perfect look without any hemming and makes a right choice.

Hanging Decorations

These days, several types of hanging decorations are available that can be hung from sides of the tent or the ceiling of the tent.Lengths of colorful ribbons all over the tents can be used. Using a multitude of hung items and other types of wedding party supplies bring magic to any event.


All evening wedding arrangements need bests lighting effects. In fact, lightings give an interesting idea to decorate entire area. Think of lights available in colorful shapes and patterns and find out the best place to keep them. You can also plan to use hanging garden lights all over the tent to add a perfect mood to the event.
Be sure that your venue has enough restrooms to handle your guest count. Find out as whether you need any extra power supply to meet the requirements of the band, caterer or lighting. Also ensure to make adequate parking arrangements. So, create a contingency plan to meet all types of needs and explore the event décor ideas to plan your event in a wonderful and exciting way.