Wedding Tent Rentals: Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Tents

wedding tent rentals

The outdoor environment provides you with a relaxed and beautiful environment. This ensures that the guests are comfortable and enjoy attending the wedding. Experts recommend that you have a wedding tent in place to serve as an alternative in the event the weather gets worse. To rent a tent you only need to visit your local wedding tent rentals and rent a high-quality unit.

Enhancing the surrounding using wedding tent

The reason you are having your wedding outdoors is because you want the guests to enjoy the outdoor weather. Having the tent in place doesn’t mean you should block the guests from the outdoor environment. If the weather allows it, you should rent party tents with open walls or with plenty of windows. To give the impression of space you should rent a tent that is slightly larger than you need.

If the weather is bad (strong winds and hot sun), you should go for a tent with a transparent roof. While this option is expensive, it’s an elegant way of showcasing the scenery while keeping the guests comfortable. To improve the look of the tent you should consider decorating it with some lighting.

Wedding tent rental tips

Rental tents are made from canvas and come in different sizes and designs. The most common designs include:

High peaked tents: They are ideal when you are having a small scale wedding. They feature a free standing construction and a visually striking sculptured top. The tents come in different sizes such as 10’, 15’ and 20’ in width. You should choose the size that meets your needs.

Traditional pole tents: Pole tents are the most cost effective units in the market thus ideal for you when operating on a tight budget. In addition to being affordable, they are also easy to put up. You can easily install them even with minimal tent skills.

When renting the tents ensure you go for high-quality units. The canvas used should be of top quality and blacked out from the top. This is to prevent UV rays from entering the tent and making the guests uncomfortable. You should pay attention to the weather when renting the tents. You should avoid a party tent with a clear top during summer as it will trap heat thus creating a greenhouse effect within the tent.


This is what you need to know about renting wedding tents. As mentioned, you should go for a high-quality unit. This calls for you to rent from reputable party tent rentals.