What Do I Need To Know About Wedding Tents?

Is this the first time you are renting a tent, and you are wondering what do I need to know about wedding tents? Well, there are plenty of things you need to know, with the common ones being:

There are plenty of wedding tents to rent.

There are many types of wedding tents you can rent from wedding tent rentals, and all you need to do is visit these stores and place your order.

Some popular tents you can try out include: frame tents, pole tents, and many others. It’s up to you to research and find the most appropriate for your event. If you aren’t sure about the right one, get the input of a professional.

You will need to rent tent accessories.

Besides the tent, in most cases, you also need to rent other tent accessories that improve the tent’s look. These extras include:

Tent liners: These are long pieces of fabric that cover the ceiling and/or the walls of the tent.

Tables and chairs: For the guests to be comfortable, they need to sit. This is where the tables and chairs come in. For a great look, ensure that the tables and chairs match the wedding theme. If having a simple, informal wedding, go for wooden chairs or any other simple chairs.

Flooring: In most cases, you don’t need to rent flooring material, but if having a formal event, you will need to rent the flooring. Some of the common flooring materials you can use include wood floors with carpet on top and portable flooring.

Lighting: Lights not only make the event brighter, but also shape the mood of the event. The beauty is there are many types of lighting options you can go with, including: bistro lights, stage lighting, uplighting, chandeliers, twinkle lights, stage lighting, and other options.

Dance floor: Any wedding is incomplete without dancing. If having a simple wedding on a perfect day, the guests can dance on the grass, but if having a formal event, this will look out of place. The same case is if it has been raining and the ground is soggy.

In such an instance, you need to rent a dance floor for your guests. Like the floor and tents, there are equally many types of dance floors you can go for. It’s up to you to rent the ideal one depending on your event theme and the size of the tent.

You should start hunting for the tent early enough

Since there are many tent stores, you can rent from, you simply need to wait until the last minute, then hit the stores and place your order, right? Wrong!

While there are many tent rental companies, it doesn’t mean that they all stock your tents of interest. It also doesn’t mean they will rent you the tents within your budget.

To avoid last-minute surprises, start the process enough. Experts recommend you start looking for a tent at least three months before the wedding date.

When you start early, you have ample time to visit as many rental companies as possible and compare the quality of tents they have and the prices they charge for the different tents.

With ample time you can also say no to the tents you feel won’t be good for your event without worrying that you won’t get a similar deal.

You should think about tent delivery and pickup.

Who will deliver the tent and pick it up once the event is over? You should discuss this with your party rentals Northern VA. To save money and a lot of headaches, work with a company that will deliver and pick up the tents at no extra cost on your part.