What Do You Need For An Outdoor Party?

Wondering what do you need for an outdoor party? Besides the guests, you need to have plenty of other things in place for the event to be a success. These things include:

Party tent

This is a no-brainer. As long as you are having an outdoor party, you need a party tent to shield your guests from the tough weather elements. Thankfully, you don’t have to splurge colossal amounts of money to buy a party rent as you can rent one from the local party tent rentals.

When renting the tent, pay attention to the party theme and the number of guests. If you have invited many guests, rent a large tent and vice versa.

Food and drinks

How can you have a party without food and drinks? It’s impossible, right? So you will need to figure out the food you will be serving for your guests. Of course, the food and drinks amount will be influenced by the number of guests that will be attending the event.

As you plan for the food, remember that it’s always good to have more food and drinks than to prepare little and have the guests go home hungry and thirsty as this will paint your party in bad light and some of your friends might fail to show up the next time you are putting together a party.

You will need dinnerware and utensils to serve the food and drinks, so plan for these too. As you are doing your planning, think about the cups, plates, napkins, and silverware.


Again, there is no complete party without entertainment.

The form of entertainment you have in your party varies depending on the nature of the guests you have over. If you have young guests, hire a DJ to play the latest music as the guests dance along.

If you have older guests, get a live band.

Will there be children at the party? Organize for them how they will have fun. One way to keep them engaged is to rent inflatables from your local rental company and place them at strategic areas of the party venue.

If you don’t have money to hire a DJ or a live band, you can always come up with cheaper outdoor games and keep the guests active and engaged. Some of the best games to think about are: volleyball, basketball, and others.


Most outdoor events don’t require many decorations, but if you love to give your party a unique feel, there should be nothing to stop you. After all, it’s your party.

Some of the ways to decorate the event include: hanging colorful lanterns, putting up a piñata, hanging bright tablecloths, among many others.

For a professional touch, hire a professional designer, but go the DIY route if you don’t have a budget for it. To add texture to the decorations, don’t shy away from mixing and matching the different colors.

Tables and chairs

Unless you are having a picnic-style party where the guests will sit on the grass, you need tables and chairs to keep the guests comfortable.

There are many types of chairs and tables you can rent, and your choice solely depends on your preferences and the party theme.

Regardless of the units you settle for, ensure they are in good condition. They also should match the party theme and should be enough for your guests.

Cleanup supplies

People always leave trash behind, but it doesn’t have to be the case with your event. To ensure that people don’t leave the party venue dirty, provide them with trash cans or bags. You can buy these or rent them from the local event rentals Northern VA.

If you are using non-disposable products, you will need containers to handle the dirty cups, plates, and silverware.