What to Include in a Welcome Wedding Gift

Regardless if you are having a destination wedding or your guests are traveling, you want to make sure that your friends and family are aware of how much you appreciate them. Aside from throwing a big party, you can begin with the wedding festivities when you present guests with a welcome kit.

Even if you have everything planned out, like paying for the best wedding tent rental packages, you always need to make it more personal for your guests.

The initial step in putting together a welcome bag is to think about your wedding. The location, where your guests will stay, whether or not you provide transportation, and the time of the year.

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It Should be More Meaningful

The wedding bag is a gift that comes from you, so you want to make it personal. The bag is part of a gift, you can choose to have a custom-made tote, and then add cute luggage tags or purchase keepsake baskets that your guests are going to treasure.

You want them to remember your wedding day when they look at the welcome kit, and what made them special.

Individualized Events Calendar and Activity Suggestions

It is an excellent idea to allow your guests and bridal party to know when and where they are going to be required to attend wedding events. You should let your guests know about the events are optional and which ones they must not miss. It also helps if you include some activity suggestions for your guests to enjoy in their downtime.

Mini Alcohol Bottles

A small of your favorite alcohol as a couple will surely make your guests happy. Aside from that, everyone likes to start the party early. You can put in as many bottles as you want if you have more than one favorite, and this will be well-loved by your guests.

Hand-written Thank You Card

A personal and handwritten note is an excellent way to let your guests feel your appreciation for them being there.

Your guests will feel special and it is undeniable that a thank you card is easy to keep and they will remember your wedding day every time they see it.

Food and Water

A selection of snacks will always be a treat to your guests. If you have an extra pouch, you can include some local snacks in the area where you are getting married.

You should provide guess with a lot of water throughout your festivities – you should stay more hydrated, especially when you like to dance.

Tote Bag

In order to hold off other items in your welcome kit, and after that, it becomes a useful beach bag for the entire trip. You can look for jute or canvas totes that hold off the items in your Welcome kit, and it becomes a lovely keepsake. They should be kept simple, or customized them using silk screening.

Hangover Kit

After spending the night cutting shapes on your dance floor, your guests are going to be grateful for the care you are giving them for the next morning. The kit can include small packages of plasters, tissues, and painkillers and you can add little touches.

Introduce Your Favorite Things

You can include your favorite snack, favorite card game, or a mini drink, you both love. Put a card inside that explains why you love each item in that bag. This is another opportunity to show your personality shine through.

After booking party rentals Maryland, you can also plan the welcome kit so that your guests will feel extra special when they walk in.